Free Falling: Chapter Four: High Winds


She wakes up in a dimly lit room, glancing around, she takes notice that it is not her own. Amity slowly gets up and wanders out of the bedroom and to the living room, she wanders around and examines the unfamiliar territory. No one else in in the house, she is home alone. With that figured out she decides to head to the kitchen and make herself some breakfast. As she passes through the hallway she is stopped by a familiar photograph. It is a photo of a man and a woman, the man looks familiar and Amity recognizes him as the man from last night, and at the roof top.
“What was his name again?” She asks. She ponders a bit on the thought, messing around with names that sound familiar. “Ah! Mitchell! But who is the lady? His girlfriend?” She picks up the picture and looks closer; the woman has long dark brown hair and around her eyes are some wrinkles as well as her lips. She is older than him so she could be his mother.
Amity wipes off the dust with her finger and spots an uneven line along the edge of the photo.
“What’s this?”
She flips over the frame and takes out the photo and looks even closer and notices a third should alongside his mother.
“Who is this, now?” Curiosity over rules her and she flips the photo over and reads the scrawled handwriting on the back, it reads Mitchell, Eric, Renee Durayni.
“Eric? Eric Durayni?” She ponders on this and wonders what the other person looks like. “Why is the photo ripped anyway? Do they hate each other… Um.. It’s none of my business anyway…” She puts back the photo and makes it look like no one touched it.
After she finished making breakfast she cleans her dishes and checks the time. Her watch reads 9 in the morning. “Crap, late for school… But… No one cares anyway.” Amity skips school about all the time, her mother doesn’t care about her and neither does anyone else. If they did, they would do something about it, right?
She walks over to the red curtains in the living room and peeks out them.
“WHAT!?” Her jaw drops open. “That is my house! That is my HOUSE!” She screams and releases the curtains. “What the hell…”
She leaves the house and walks away from the neighborhood. Heading towards the library she makes her way to the recent telephone books and searches for Durayni.

Durayni, Eric………………………………………….(xxx)-xxx-xxxx, Block 15 #4043
Durayni, Mitchell……….…………………………..(xxx)-xxx-xxxx, Block 27 #1256
Durayni, Xye………………………………………….(xxx)-xxx-xxxx, Block 26 #2013

“What?” She looks at it once again. “I live on B15 and so does.. Eric? That was Eric in the photo graph, so then the torn person is Mitchell. They are twins? But.. Who is Xye? Maybe they are related. I don’t see Renee’s name anywhere. I should go visit them.” She looks at the watch, only 30 minutes passed. The library is at block 18. She decides to visit Xye, but she also writes down all the information she found on the Durayni’s.
In the center of the library is a big town map; on the upper hand corner of the map is the big red sticker ‘YOU ARE HERE.’ She traces her fingers over the streets and make my way to Block 26. She puts the sheet of paper up to it and traces the streets and goes to look for a smaller, more detailed map.
Underneath the giant map are smaller map books, she takes out a few and writes down the street names following to Block 26. Sje pits everything back where she found it and sets out down the sidewalk to find Xye.

About an hour late, Amity arrives at Block 26 and it turns out to be a giant apartment. It looks rich and pristine. Walking indoors, she heads to the elevator and looks at the map of all the levels. 13 levels in all. Little numbers are marked on it, and at the 13 level it reads 2000-2015. Amity presses the button and it rises up until the bells ding and she is let out. She walks out and head towards the end of the hall and knock on apartment 2013.
“Who is it?” A deep voice calls.
“Uh… You may not know me, but my name is Amity, and I was wondering if you have twins?” She swallows hard and hears locks clinking behind the door. An old man peeks through the crack and looks at her from up to down.
“Yes… I have twins.”
“Mitchell and Eric?” He nods and she sighs.
“Can I ask you a few questions about them? And… Renee?” His eyes widen and look terribly sad when she mentioned Renee and he slowly nods and opens the door.
“Please, come in and have a seat.”


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