Writing is creative and bold.
I’ll write until I grow senile and old.
I’ll discover all my stories as they unfold.
Writing is never controlled.

My writing is my world.
The words on this page unfurled,
As the spoken word twisted and twirled,
until, out with it, the words hurled.

Sharing my dreams with everyone around me,
Written and or spoken, it travels as far as the Yangtze.
My writing tongue overflows with glee.
And when I finish those writing thoughts, I usually scream ‘Yippie!’

You may think writing isn’t so hard,
but trust me, don’t you dare disregard.
The writing process can sometimes leave you jarred.
But do not fear for you will never be scarred.

So keep on writing my dear friend.
Move those pens until the words all mend,
Writing is something you learn to comprehend.
And do not worry, this poem is not the end.

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