Breakfast Blast

Oh this is so good! Waffles smothered in butter and syrup and add a cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino-my type of morning food. 

So last night there was a storm here and my snake was really active, I was worried so I checked on my phone about whether or not snakes are in tune with nature. After many posts I’ve read, I believe they are. The pressure from the storm(if they were in their natural habitat) makes them want to get to higher ground and so Emlen was saying to me “get me out of here! Im going to drown” and I wanted to just so badly get it through his snake language that he is alright. 

Oh well, at least he was active and he won’t get fatter by just doing what he always does- sleeps underneath his hut. Haha.

After that activity and the thunder and lighting pass by, I finally was able to fall asleep-my estimation is around 1-2 in the morning. I had my alarm set to 6:30 because my senior year of high school is starting in less than a week, I need to start waking up earlier. Moving on, around 6:28 I woke up, wide awake in bed. I wondered at first if it was a dream but then 2 minutes later my first alarm went off and I said to myself “let’s sleep in till later.” I turned off my other alarms and then I woke up around 10, just a little groggy. After that experience I told myself to wake up and get out of bed the first time. 

And now here I am, typing the story after reading a late school assignment. It’s 11:42 am, and I need to finish breakfast.

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