I woke up, took a shower and decided I wanted to eat some strawberries with some sugar in the middle.

I was thinking about doing what I always did; rinsing the strawberries, cutting out the core and filling it with sugar and maybe drizzle around it too. Then I would take a bite out of the bottom and go “Mmm.” But then when I walked into the kitchen I passed the ripe bananas and I pulled out the gigantic box of strawberries and put the two together.

Strawberry Banana Smoothes!

I smiled to myself and decided to do this, I looked up a simple recipe on my phone

  1. rinse and cut off leaves of strawberries
  2. peel banana(s) and cut in half
  3. plug in blender and put fruit in it and add some ice and sugar
  4. add 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  5. blend together and enjoy

See, the problem with that is step number four. I only had vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream, so I threw that in instead.  The blending time took a while, I had to keep mixing it up to blend it all, but it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. 



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