December Never Ends: Chapter Five


I arrived at the library around an hour after I left the station, people weren’t crowding the doors or cases of books like the one in my hometown. I head toward the computer to look up my grandmothers name, no searches found.
“Excuse me.” I said, walking to a petite blond, who looks a little older than me.
“May I help you?” Her sweet voice sang. The voice of an angel, matched her looks perfectly; long golden hair, wavy with a few perfect curls. Her eyes were the color the sea, tinted with a purple haze, like a dream.
“Yes. Uh, I am looking for this house. Could you help me find a map?” I held out the picture and her artsy hands took it from mine.
“Oh! Yes, I know where this is!” She smiled, “I’m sorry though, with the maps we have, you would get lost with the snap of my fingers, do you mind if I show you where the house is?”
“Of course not, please any way that will get me their quicker will be amazing. Thank you!” I bowed just a little bit.
“Okay, come with me please.” She led the way out through the library doors. “That house has been here for years, they, I think, have lived there for a while too. Maybe their house was passed down the line of their family tree.
“What’s your name?” She asked.
“What? Oh, my name is December Ellis.”
She smiled to herself, “What a beautiful name, just like the month that snows, the month with no color.”
“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that! I promise.” She giggled.
“Um, I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch your name…” I hesitated.
“Oops,” she flicked her hair back and cleared her throat. “I am Melissa, Melissa Evelyn.” She bowed her head and mumbled the phrase Pleased to meet you. And I could of sworn to have heard the words ‘Lady December,’ like I was from the past.
I looked at her beautiful features, there is something hidden, something frightening. Devilish. I feel like she is hiding something from me. There is an ominous feeling to her smile and actions.
She turned the corner but stopped and I ended up running into her.
“Ow… I’m so-”
“Were here.”
“I see that.” I worded slowly, rubbing the pain from my chin. “Thank you, I’ll be go-”
Melissa grabbed my shoulder and yanked me to her.
“Now, December. Sweet, sweet, December. Be very careful. Something could grab you from behind, you don’t want that do you?” There was a tone in her voice that created goose bumps on my skin. She shoved me back in to the wall, I looked behind me to see where I was going, and when I looked back, she disappeared. The wind blew the leaves off the ground, along with her existence. There was nothing left of her, except the fear she created in my eyes.
I turned around to see a giant fence loom over me. Beyond that fence, was a driveway up to my grandmother’s mansion like house, which sat on a green hill. I walked up to the gate and pushed the button.
“May I help you?” A broken voice sounded on the speaker.
“Um, excuse me, is this the residence of May and Nick Ellis?”
“Yes, it is. Who might you be?”
“My name is December Ellis, my mother is-”
“I know who your mother is. Please, come in, child.” The gates creaked open, like they have never been open in years.
Walking up the long driveway made me a bit nervous, I never knew I had a rich family. At the steps in front of the house, I took in the details of the mahogany doors. Small animals carved in the wood.
As my hand drew near to knock, a cat mewed at my feet, rubbing against my ankles, I got to my knees to pet them, but it soon hissed and almost bit my finger.
The cat slowly backed up, and hissed. Eventually running away.


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