December Never Ends: Chapter Four


I arrived at the train station with my tickets in my hand. I looked around, no one I knew, obviously. It was still strange. The train hasn’t arrived yet and I waited patiently. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly, to calm myself. Without notice I tipped sideways and my hair flew to the side. The train came in and slowed to a stop. My eyes and my face red from the sudden wind, I waited away from the doors and watched as the train spit people out by threes. People stared at me like I was and insolent brat. They didn’t even know me. I tried to avoid their looks, when I looked up again, a young man was staring at me with a devious look and a sinister smile. When our eyes met, time stopped. It was just like the feeling with Ian. I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. Then I started to feel and pressure in my mind, slight pain. He was in my mind… Couldn’t vampires do that! I started to block him, he wasn’t getting any information.
“Miss, can I clock your card?”
“Huh?” I lost the connection with him, thank god.
“Can I clock your card?” The train attendant asked me.
I lifted my ticket, he read it, and then hole punched it. This way, I think, people will know I didn’t just get on.
I took an empty seat and relaxed. I took off my scarf, my beanie and my jacket and I folded it on top of my bag.
“It’s going to be a long trip.” I sighed. I grabbed my phone and called the hospital. Jenny needs to know where I am. I need to check in.
“Hi, this is Heartland Emergency, Andy speaking. How may I help you?”
“Hi, this is December, and may I ask if you can forward this call to Dr. Jennifer Leanne’s office?” I cleared my throat.
“Ah! December, she is expecting your call, I’ll transfer you. Please hold.” I heard a click and elevator music started played, but it didn’t last long.
“Hello, this is Jennifer Leanne speaking.”
“Jenny? I called to check in.”
“December! I was wondering when you would call, why not get my cell phone?”
“I never received your cell phone number…”
There was a silence then a cough.
“I guess I forgot to call your phone.”
“Yeah.” I laughed a bit.
“Anyway, how is your trip? Are you on the train? Did you sleep well?”
“Yes, It’s fine so far. Being on a train is a little weird, and my heart rate is fine too. No big surprises to kick it up.” I told her before she asked.
“You read my mind,” she laughed. “I’m worried, but be safe. Okay?”
“Yeah, yeah. I will.” I laughed and yawned.
“You sound tired, get some sleep. Okay? I have some patients coming in soon anyway, I need to let you go.”
“Okay. Bye.”
“Be safe, bye-bye.”
I clipped my phone shut and put it back in my pocket. This train ride is going to take a while. Going from Akita to Osaka. I sighed, I might as well sleep a little.
[Welcome to the express train. Your destination is Osaka, we will arrive in approximately 6 hours. A free dinner will be provided at any time for you comfort. Enjoy and relax.]
Six hours. Ugh, that seems so far away. I looked around and I saw a family huddled around each-other. I envy them just a little.
I sigh and lean back into the trains seat, I stared out the window. Watching the land fly by like a fast bird trying to reach its’ destination. Birds can keep up with our speed, they seem frozen in time as they fly at the same speed. It’s amazing. It makes me think that we are flying. I laughed to myself. Childish thoughts.
I yawned and drifted to sleep, like some other passengers.
[Five minutes till’ we arrive to our destination. Thank you for joining the Express Train. Enjoy your day.]
I awoke to the intercom speaking as if it was directly in my ear. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. I looked out the window, dawn played over the horizon.
The nights are short this time of year. It’s irritating, when you are trying to get a full 8 hours of sleep, I usually get five to six hours. I sighed and stretched.
Blue-grey clouds danced above the earth, creating a serenading atmosphere in the outside world. Birds flew to get the first worms of the day. The dim light of the sun began growing, sending light into the world. I spotted small patches of trees and wide hills in the background. It was beautiful.

I smiled and look at my pale hands in my lap. I rubbed them on my jeans, drying them from the nervous sweat. It’s almost time to leave, I grabbed my stuff and put my jacket, scarf, and hat on. I took a deep breath.
I got my phone out of my pocket and looked at my gallery, I downloaded a picture of my grandmothers house. I have no directions there so I guess I will have to ask around. I can’t wait to see the secrets my elders hold deep in their hearts and mind.
The train slowed to a stop and everyone got up to get off. I followed. I felt someone’s eyes on me, so I looked around but I saw nothing. When I got off the train that feeling was replaced with a chill, pinching my cheeks. It was bitter outside.
I turned around and saw the train gobbling up people slowly, one by one. The train moaned and crawled past me till’ the sun hit my eyes and I squinted.
The sunrise was small, but large. The clouds were radiant with light, the sky was painted in soft shades of violet, orange, pink, and blue. The golden sphere rested on the textured horizon, and rays of light leaped across its’ own canvas.
I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of this picture perfect moment. Along with it, I took deep breaths, as if I could suck in the light.
I sighed and left the train station and headed toward the sign that said “WELCOME TO OSAKA”. It had flowers along the bottom of the sign and some grass grew around the whole sign.
My phone rang loudly and vibrated vigorously until I grabbed it and answered it. The call sign read unknown and I started wondering if it was Jenny.
“I’ll be coming for you.” A deep, raspy voice. It sounded hollow and hoarse, creepy and frightening.
The dial tone appeared after a couple seconds of breathing. I looked at my phone once more, the caller ID was still the same, ‘UNKNOWN’. My phone rang once again, and I held no hesitance to answer it.
“Who the hell are you!?” I yelled.
“December? What’s wrong?!”
“Jenny?” I breathed, anxiety lifting from my shoulders.
“December? Are you okay? Why did you say that? Did something happen? Tell me please…” Worry carried on her every word, I can imagine her pacing in her office, biting her lip, her brow furrowed.
“No… I’m fine. Nothing happened, I-”
“Why did you say that then!? That’s not just something you say to some-”
“You didn’t let me finish,” I cut her off. “I got a strange call from someone… I don’t know who it was, but I didn’t look a the caller ID to see if it was them again. I’m sorry for worrying you.” I breathed in and out.
“No, no. It’s alright. You know I just don’t want you to get hurt…” She trailed off.
“It’s okay, and by the way, I’m off the train.” I laughed uncomfortably.
“Ah, I see.”
“Well, It’s time for me to leave. I need to get to my grandmothers.”
“Ah… Okay. Be safe.”
I snapped the phone shut and looked ahead. Looking at the signs brought faint memories.


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