Endless Rain

One hundred years of rain, falling endlessly; each drop is equal to each tear fallen from a heavenly angel up above the Earth. She has loved a fallen angel, whom has been destined to walk the Earth for all eternity. These fallen angels are known as demons and they walk among humans each day. The angels name is Verity and she has fallen for former angel, Emlen. They were bound to each other until the day Emlen was discovered breaking a seven deadly sin, Envy. He was banned from heaven; his wings burned black and were weighted down. Emlen fell to the Earth and he lost his lover and his bound one, Verity.
“My love, will you ever return to my soul again? It is unsettled and it will not rest until bound to yours.” Verity cried to the skies below.
“I will forever wish for the day we are combined again.” Emlen soaked up the tears of his lover as he cried silently as well.
“Endless rain shall fall, until we are one once again. I will wait for years and years to come, I can wait forever for my dear Emlen.” Her silvery hair waved around her body as she reached through the clouds towards the land below.
“Is that your hand I see, reaching towards me? If only, if only these shackles weren’t held so tight… I would reach for your gentle grasp and press my lips to your skin.” He stretches his arm up to the clouds and his head leans back; hair drenched in sadness and loneliness. The sky grew dark and the connection between their souls faded for another day. Emlen stood slouched, his lean shoulders hunched forward as he dropped to his knees and screamed in pain. His wings burn black each day, another part of his banishment.
“An endless rain, for 100 years, I will wait for you to return to my soul. 100 years. The day we come close again is the day the shackles break, my wings will glow white, and the time will stop. The stars will dance and our hearts will be bonded forever more. My love, Verity, wait for me.” He clenches dirt in his fists as he heaves the words of his heart.
“Stand, you pitiful soul.” Lucifer, a fellow fallen angel, stood tall in front of Emlen.
“Lucifer? The first of fallen angels…” He stood slowly.
“Your name has changed quite a bit throughout these years and reincarnations, Leviathan. What has Michael done this time? You have finally become a fallen-”
“Being a fallen angel isn’t the best thing, You happened to be banned the first war we have served, as you gave into your pride. A sin you did indeed commit and still do to this day. You have no right to appraise me about becoming a fallen angel, I have lost my bound and loved one.” Emlen cut him off. “My name this time around is Emlen. Besides, I no longer plan to overrule the heavens, your plans are ruined Lucifer.”
“Leviathan, Leviathan. Don’t be like that…” Lucifer bent forward, matching the height of Emlen. “You have two decisions; you can either join me willingly or I will force you to come along.” He narrowed his eyes and Emlen stepped back. “What will you do, dear Emlen?” He sneered his name and hissed in his face.
“Do not dare to use my heavenly name in that tone you foul-”
“Foul demon? Oh please, don’t be so kind. My real plans, you know them right?” He stood tall once again and puffed his chest out. “I plan to rule over Heaven and Hell.”
“Just how do you-”
“Killing Satan, of course. He is the current ruler of Hell, and Michael will be easy… If you can help me, Leviathan.” Lucifer stared straight to Emlen’s true heart, the heart of a traitor.
“How will I help?” He said.
“You have the heart and soul of a heavenly angel, Verity, true name, Gabriel. Michaels previous lover. Verity can distract Michael when I take him out and she can become another demon that walks with us. You can touch her again.”
“No! I will never do that to her.”
“It end with your freedom and love, and rank in this world. I’ll leave you with that, until next time Leviathan.” Lucifer exited swiftly and Emlen was left standing.
“What will I do now?” Emlen sighed and walked forward towards the city. “If what Lucifer said was actually true… then the whole world is in danger. I have to stop him.” He walked to the tallest building in the center of the city called Vermillion. In Vermillion there is the tallest building in the center of the city, that building can reach past the skies. Emlen walked up the stairs to the top of the building, the roof. He opened the door. He walked to the edge to see nothing but a white haze of clouds.
“Verity, Verity. I’m calling for you…” Emlen whispered as he reached his hands up to the heavens.
“My dearest Emlen, oh how I’ve yearned to see you.” She peeked through the heavens, she is forbidden to touch the Earth and he is forbidden to touch the skies once more. She can barely touch his fingertips, but the electricity between them is burning hard.
“I will wait for the day we can touch again, my sweet.” He whispered gently. The clouds rumbled with thunder and flashed with lighting.
“He is getting restless, Emlen. I feel that he knows.”
“Michael knows of nothing.” Emlen scoffed and Verity was taken aback at how casually Emlen spoke his holy name.
“Still, I must depart for now. Until next rain…” She disappeared into the clouds and Emlen was left dripping in water. Lucifers phrase was repeating in his mind. “I can touch her… again. If she becomes a fallen angel, we can share our love once more… No! I mustn’t give in!” He sighed and left the roof.
“Welcome back to earth, Leviathan!” Lucifer strutted towards him with a devilish smile. “I have a plan.” He sneered.
“What is this plan?”
“Come with me to the gate.” They walked toward the inner city subway station.
“We are going to defeat Satan.”
“What!?” They were in Hell, it was just like any other place, but darker and the atmosphere was sinister. They headed towards the center, the palace; Satan’s chambers. Emlen kept his lips sealed and Lucifer led the way with a smirk on his face.
“Why do you call upon me?” Satan, with his hefty voice and chiseled features, spoke gallantly.
“We’ve called upon you to report that an angel has touched the earth. Fair lady Gabriel.” At the mention of Verity’s heavenly name, Emlen’s face turned.
“Fair lady? Fair lady. Hm. I shall see if she is fair enough. Gabriel, that name sounds familiar.” From a woman’s point of view, Satan is smoldering and strong. His looks are elite; sleek black hair to his shoulders, bright blue eyes, tall frame and defined muscles. He walked to the surface of the earth charismatically, wanting to see for himself if this Gabriel, is a fair enough lady for him.
“What are you doing, Lucifer!?” Emlen growled.
“You shall see. Soon enough.” He laughed.
Satan reached the surface and was pelted with a thousand swords, not just any swords, but swords with a seal on them. The seal of Hell, which will sink any rank demon to the center of the earth, banned and powerless forever.
“These things are pitiful.” Satan growled. Another wave of weapons came, swords and knifes. Arrows and needles joined, eventually, Satan was worn out and on his knees. “What is this new feeling? Powerless? That is not me.” He tried getting up but Lucifer delivered the final blow to his heart and with Satan’s last heartbeat, he said, “You time’s up.”
“He did it.” Emlen was breathless as another rain storm tumbled in, but before that a heavenly light appeared.
“Emlen! My dear Emlen! I have decided!” Verity stepped down upon earth.
“Verity! No!” It was too late, her wings burned but she withstood her ground.
“The gangs all here. Good, Gabriel, shall you join us in taking over Heaven?” Lucifer bowed to one knee and held his hand out.
“Verity…” Emlen shook.
“No.” She said and she lashed her sword at his chest, “It is your turn to die. Your foul plans will not be fulfilled.” She looked back at Emlen and ran to his side. “Dear Emlen, are you alright?” She whispered and kissed him, but the place where she touched him burned black.
“What?” She hesitated.
“Finally, I will have my revenge.”
“Emlen… no… Leviathan. What are you doing!?”
“You. Gabriel. You fell for Michael.” He glared at her.
“That was the past! Leviathan! Leviathan! The past! You are my only-”
“You are a liar! I knew everything, everything. I have been waiting for this day to come, the day all my naivety would shatter and my true self would show. I was able to trick Lucifer with my tongue, and you as well. I envy you no longer, fair lady. Gabriel” He stretched his words and used a despicable tone to tease her.
“Stop!” He pointed at her. “Speak no more.” He walked towards her and grabbed behind her head, and pulled her head back with her hair. “Speak no more.” He kissed her with force and delicacy at once, held her close and tight. He wanted all of her and none of her, something he wasn’t able to have in the past. Gabriel’s lips.
“Leviathan…” She gasped and collapsed to her knees.
“Gabriel, Gabriel. What have you come to? Nothing but a weak child with plump lips and a moan so sweet and seductive. Weren’t you heavenly? You know, once you have kissed a fallen angel, you are nothing.” He snickered, still toying with her.
“Leviathan! You-” She raised her arm but was pushed down by him and once again kissed. He snickered and kissed her more forcefully.
“Was that enough force for you, Gabriel?” He moved to her neck and bit gently, toying with her senses. Gabriel gasped for air and shifted under Leviathans weight.
“Lev..ia…than.” She moaned and he stopped.
“Gabriel! What a surprise…” He smirked and got off of her. Her face flushed red and he laughed. “Well this was fun, but now it is time for me to depart.” He went to the building to reach the Heaven’s, the place where Michael will die.
“Why?” Gabriel whispered and the rain picked up and turned black. The sky turned red and the lightning was blinding, the thunder was crippling. The angels were crying and the black blood is Micheals. “Michael… is dead?”
“Yes. And soon you will be too.” Lucifer appeared once more with the last of his power and thrust a sword in her chest, then out of her surprise, kissed her. “You were also one I always admired, lady Gabriel. Come with me to the promised land. Let Leviathan live in guilt and loneliness.” They disintegrated as Leviathan appeared again. His jaw dropped as he saw his love vanish.
“Gabriel…” He screamed and dropped to his knees. “This was so we could be together again… but we can no longer… Gabriel. I’m sorry.” Tears of blood dripped down his face and dropped to the earth were a blood orchid formed. “What?” The orchid grew vines and the thorns tore into his skin, he screamed in pain. “What is this!?”
“This is your punishment.”
“Punishment…” He accepted it, and was banished to a white nothingness, to suffer for eternity.
“Gabriel… I will see you again. If it’s the last thing I do.”

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