Make a wish and dream once more; dream wilder and bigger than ever before. 

Paige Powell

Remember when you were little and you had amazing dreams; something like becoming an astronaut or a veterinarian-or something along those lines? I always wanted to be a vet. I love animals, but there are a lot of things I didn’t know about with that occupation, all the responsibilities and sometimes tragedies. Of course I found out when I got older and then I changed it to an Animal Humane Officer or an Animal Cop? Like those shows on TV – Animal Cops Huston. I still wouldn’t mind that. 

Children have amazing dreams, they are so big and out there because they believe they can reach it, then we start hitting the teens and some of those children become lazy, and others change their dreams because maybe, just maybe, their dream when they were young was to far-fetched. Then there are people like me; I used to dream to work with animals, that was my biggest dream, now… Well now I want to be an author, I don’t need school for that, right? It’d be nice. I also have more dreams than just that, I have wild dreams! Dreams that I probably won’t reach unless I work really really hard and stay focused (which is the hardest work out there). 

My wild dreams range from traveling the world and learning a bit of their culture to learning three to five languages, at least conversational! I also want to own a reptile room; full of snakes and lizards. Mostly snakes. Along with the reptile room, I wouldn’t mind having a couple pets like cat’s, rabbits, horses, a dog or two, some birds… I am an animal person, but my wildest dream is the languages. I really would like to learn languages, they are so amazing, how others speak and hear. How they understand, it’s strange. When you learn a language and you just know the word and the English word basically replaces the foreign, I think it is kind of magical, but it’s just the memory. 

I want to learn Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Why? Well, I love the Asian languages and these can be most beneficial with anything I want to do, if I chose to do something with these. I want to understand a bit of their culture and maybe visit the country! I also watch a lot of foreign dramas online so I am already learning a few… 

I want to learn Swedish and Finnish; I love Swedish songs and the design of their furniture. Everything seems so different there and I wouldn’t mind visiting my friend in Sweden and try to speak with her native tongue. I’d like to learn Finnish, just because I am Finnish. The culture sounds interesting too and I wouldn’t mind visiting there.

Learning languages and the culture of the language, I feel, that it can change my perspective on every thing, and I can get more ideas to write about. I’d learn more wisdom and hardships, I’d just learn a lot, and I love learning. It’s somewhat of a passion.

To me, my dreams are like my religion. I believe in them and most of the time they keep me going.

Dreams are pretty much my life, and I know that someday I will accomplish all of them, one way or another. 

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