December Never Ends: Chapter Three

Heat burned against my skin, I stirred and rolled over to feel the source of the heat, Ian. I smiled and sat up to look at him, his arm fell from my waist and I giggled. What is with me? This was so new and so different… I don’t want to leave now… Not if I get to do this more often.
I laid back down and inched closer to him. He was so handsome, and he looked so peaceful. I put my hand to his face and he stirred. I stifled a yawn and drifted in and out of consciousness. It was so early, the sun wasn’t even up. I cuddled closer and let myself get more rest.
No more heat, a cold area rested next to me. I shivered, yet I was not able to wake up. I rolled over every now and then to find my own warmth, but it didn’t work. I heard footsteps from another room, the bathroom? Where was Ian? I felt scared. I pulled the blankets over my head, I was awake now, but unable to move. The footsteps moved closer and stopped when they reached my bed. I heard and unfamiliar deep breathing above me, and heat touched the blanket. The blanket flew off my body and I twisted to see who it was and Ian’s face was right next to mine in a matter of seconds. I almost screamed but his hand was planted across my lips.
“Deep breaths.” He smiled, showing some teeth, which was more captivating than his normal smirk. I took a couple deep breaths to calm my heart.
I stretched back my arm and flattened my palm and let it fly towards his face, but he caught my wrist and he laughed.
“Were you trying to hit me?”
“Yeah! So! You freaked me out! Why did you do that?” I laughed.
“To surprise you… Did it work?” His devilish grin appeared.
“Yes!” I pushed him playfully. An awkward silence hung above our heads as I
adjusted myself to get comfortable. I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of my bed.
“You should go now. I need to be leaving soon for my train. It’ll be leaving sometime soon.” I shrugged and looked at him through my hair, he was thinking.
Then he sighed.
“Okay, I’ll let you be.” He said. He walked to the door and put his hand on the frame looking back. “Be safe.”
I smiled and got up, “How rude of me, not to see you out.” I walked him to the door. I waved a tiny bit and looked down and scrunched my face.
I shut the door and returned to my bedroom. Plain and boring. There were nothing on the walls, the closet was boring, a few clothes hung up, some boxes, two pairs of shoes, one dresser with my other clothes. A desk, and a bed. The bed with the only real memory of this place, Ian.
I grabbed all the necessities that I would need and stuffed them in my bag. My cell phone was charging on my desk, I grabbed that and stuffed it in my pocket. Jenny bought it for me, she wants me to keep in contact with her so that’s why. I finally have a use for my silver winged heart that my mother gave me.

I smiled and clenched my fists in excitement.
“It’s finally tonight.” I sighed and got my shoes on.
I looked behind me at my room, turn off everything, and cleaned up, but I left that space on my bed the same.
I leave my house and lock my doors. I sigh and look at myself. My scarf tucked in my black, double breasted jacket. I adjust my beanie and pull my hair out of my jacket, and rest it on one shoulder.
“This jacket is more of a trench coat, but too short for it.” I smiled. I feel good. I slept good and now I look forward to something I might regret.

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