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There is more the life than what meets the eye. Take a closer look and see for yourself. Take a closer look and find the tiny details that can change your mind. Take a closer look to find your dreams and discover yourself, they’re not far from where you stand.


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12 Days

I’m twelve days into school and it feels like I’ve never left! It’s not so bad, I adore my classes and teachers. I’ve been pretty busy lately, sadly. I’ve had a bit of a stressful first couple days, but so far, it is getting good. I have some homework tonight, but then I am free.

This whole week I am staying over at my friends house, it will be pretty wild! Tonight through Thursday I work, as well as my friend, except she doesn’t work tonight. After work tonight, Paige(my friends name-yes I know) will be picking my up and taking me to my house so I can check up on Emlen and grab a few more things. I didn’t pack enough clothes!

For homework tonight, I have to read. I need to read actually. It is a must, I do not want to be behind on anything like I was earlier this week. I’ve learned my lesson(even though I should have before). Today I had to finish typing a paper that was due today, I was able to turn it in 4th hour and so, I succeeded! I rushed to turn it in and then I left as soon as I could to lunch. Gosh, lunch is so busy.

I need to do my homework and focus on school, I don’t need relationships. For example, today, there is this couple that I see everyday and they are actually good looking together. They would always hold hands underneath the table, but today they walked through the door and he was ahead of her and she was a little behind and she looked mad. She sat a seat away from him, and I could tell something was up. I laughed to myself and I thought of my last relationship with my ex. Something I never think about, but it happens. At times. I hate seeing relationships in struggle, but I guess it can’t be helped. I hope they solve things out.

I asked my counselor if i could add Chinese again this year, so i might be entering it next semester. I can’t wait. I want to stay with something hard again.

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Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)


So, on Facebook, I posted at status to my friends;
Tell me your favorite word and I will write a paragraph or so on your wall.
So far, three people have answered that question.




Here are the paragraphs in order.








The world is nothing without the harmony of sound and music in your ears. Life would be bleak if one could not hear the strums of a guitar or the voice of an angel. Music is comfort to the broken, lonely or happy soul. It heals anything and shows a change in everyone. Overtime, if you listen, you can hear music in your everyday life, even if there are no ear buds plugged in.








The cats meow was slowly growing closer and closer till it sounded loudly at the foot of the door. 
“This is worse than everyone being loud and obnoxious at high school, please make it stop.” She mumbles and opens the door. The feline launches in the bed room and hunts for food but there isn’t any. She picks up the cat and drags him outside where is picks at the buzzing moths and the june bugs that hum around the florescent light on the porch. A grass hopper perches on the chair and the cat wiggles and pounces. One by one the legs are ripped off, like a vicious predator attacking its next meal.
“Damn these cats and bugs are annoying. I’m out of here.” She leaves the porch light glowing and the predator munching and pouncing on the porch.








Life long feelings of commitment, of joy, of pain, and sorrow. Mixed emotions can fix one set of eyes on another person. 
“Is this what they call love?” The generalized books always ask this when the main character falls in love. Quite frankly, it is stereotypical and true. Love is full of… emotion; good and bad. It’s a beautiful and dangerous thing. It can throw you across the skies or it can chain you down into the depths of the ocean. Love is impossible to manage and handle. It’s a wry thing, love… What is love? A tale of two people joined together? A look in the eye? Touch of the fingers? Love is unbelievable and sentimental, it is also the most powerful emotion out there.








Oh, so many things I could write about. For example; my school days, working days, emotional days-sad, happy, angry… There are a lot of things I can talk about, but for now… I will work on my homework and then I will type up some stories.




P.S. SEND ME SOME WORDS! I’ll write a paragraph about them and post them!




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Free Falling: Chapter Four: High Winds


She wakes up in a dimly lit room, glancing around, she takes notice that it is not her own. Amity slowly gets up and wanders out of the bedroom and to the living room, she wanders around and examines the unfamiliar territory. No one else in in the house, she is home alone. With that figured out she decides to head to the kitchen and make herself some breakfast. As she passes through the hallway she is stopped by a familiar photograph. It is a photo of a man and a woman, the man looks familiar and Amity recognizes him as the man from last night, and at the roof top.
“What was his name again?” She asks. She ponders a bit on the thought, messing around with names that sound familiar. “Ah! Mitchell! But who is the lady? His girlfriend?” She picks up the picture and looks closer; the woman has long dark brown hair and around her eyes are some wrinkles as well as her lips. She is older than him so she could be his mother.
Amity wipes off the dust with her finger and spots an uneven line along the edge of the photo.
“What’s this?”
She flips over the frame and takes out the photo and looks even closer and notices a third should alongside his mother.
“Who is this, now?” Curiosity over rules her and she flips the photo over and reads the scrawled handwriting on the back, it reads Mitchell, Eric, Renee Durayni.
“Eric? Eric Durayni?” She ponders on this and wonders what the other person looks like. “Why is the photo ripped anyway? Do they hate each other… Um.. It’s none of my business anyway…” She puts back the photo and makes it look like no one touched it.
After she finished making breakfast she cleans her dishes and checks the time. Her watch reads 9 in the morning. “Crap, late for school… But… No one cares anyway.” Amity skips school about all the time, her mother doesn’t care about her and neither does anyone else. If they did, they would do something about it, right?
She walks over to the red curtains in the living room and peeks out them.
“WHAT!?” Her jaw drops open. “That is my house! That is my HOUSE!” She screams and releases the curtains. “What the hell…”
She leaves the house and walks away from the neighborhood. Heading towards the library she makes her way to the recent telephone books and searches for Durayni.

Durayni, Eric………………………………………….(xxx)-xxx-xxxx, Block 15 #4043
Durayni, Mitchell……….…………………………..(xxx)-xxx-xxxx, Block 27 #1256
Durayni, Xye………………………………………….(xxx)-xxx-xxxx, Block 26 #2013

“What?” She looks at it once again. “I live on B15 and so does.. Eric? That was Eric in the photo graph, so then the torn person is Mitchell. They are twins? But.. Who is Xye? Maybe they are related. I don’t see Renee’s name anywhere. I should go visit them.” She looks at the watch, only 30 minutes passed. The library is at block 18. She decides to visit Xye, but she also writes down all the information she found on the Durayni’s.
In the center of the library is a big town map; on the upper hand corner of the map is the big red sticker ‘YOU ARE HERE.’ She traces her fingers over the streets and make my way to Block 26. She puts the sheet of paper up to it and traces the streets and goes to look for a smaller, more detailed map.
Underneath the giant map are smaller map books, she takes out a few and writes down the street names following to Block 26. Sje pits everything back where she found it and sets out down the sidewalk to find Xye.

About an hour late, Amity arrives at Block 26 and it turns out to be a giant apartment. It looks rich and pristine. Walking indoors, she heads to the elevator and looks at the map of all the levels. 13 levels in all. Little numbers are marked on it, and at the 13 level it reads 2000-2015. Amity presses the button and it rises up until the bells ding and she is let out. She walks out and head towards the end of the hall and knock on apartment 2013.
“Who is it?” A deep voice calls.
“Uh… You may not know me, but my name is Amity, and I was wondering if you have twins?” She swallows hard and hears locks clinking behind the door. An old man peeks through the crack and looks at her from up to down.
“Yes… I have twins.”
“Mitchell and Eric?” He nods and she sighs.
“Can I ask you a few questions about them? And… Renee?” His eyes widen and look terribly sad when she mentioned Renee and he slowly nods and opens the door.
“Please, come in and have a seat.”


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Exclamation Point

qestion mark and exclamation mark
qestion mark and exclamation mark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my gawd! School is starting tomorrow! Wow! My senior year! I’m nervous and excited. It feels so unreal. :)

I’m typing chapter 4 of Free Falling and I hope to upload it before work! Wish me luck!

I work tonight as well so I might as well, after I get off work, come to the library afterwards and type. I’m not to sure yet.

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A Shout Out

The summer is coming to an end, and my last year of high school will be right around the corner. I need to get a lot of things set out straight before the 15th; my sleeping schedule is wacko, and my room is a mess. I have a lot of bad faults that have gained over the summer, which is mostly my wish to do things but my strive for not doing it. I blame it on the insane heat.

For some reason, I feel like when school starts that it is a ‘new year’ in itself, besides January 1st being the real one. They way I see it, the time from when I start school then reaching to the next time I start school is a year, and it is really, it’s hard to explain. Anyway, a lot of things have happened this year. A lot of good things and a lot of bad things. I experienced love-in so many ways, I experienced a broken heart and a broken mind. I got my first job, I gained new experiences. All of them are thanks to everyone I met and have known and loved. I don’t regret anything really, I don’t want to either. Everything that has happened to me has happened for a reason and I love it, even if I don’t know the reason. High school is a place where drama over things, whether it be big or small, is amplified to the extremes. In this period of time a lot of things happen; you realize your dreams, you experience love and heart break. You learn new things that you haven’t learned. You cry, you break. You want to scream. You experience friendship and companionship. You have learned so much, and now it may seem to be all the sad and disappointing things-but that is because everyone learns from those memories. We always remember those first because we learn from our mistakes and our pain. You will always remember the happiness, it will be in your heart.

I want to learn from everything that I have experienced, of course I know that I will not be the perfect person and these things will take time. I want to do it anyway… I want to accept all of the things that have happened, not run away from them. School is a place where drama occurs, and I was always too open minded, I need to learn from that too. I also need to learn to trust people. I might be seeing a lot of new people here, so I need to learn some new things.

I love all the people who have touched my heart, and wish they would read this. Everyone who has been my dear friend, I owe you a lot. You stuck with me and put up with all of my emotions, but I took it for granted and thought that it would always be there, but with some things… I have learned that it isn’t one sided. I have to think of the other person too and not only myself. I need to listen too. You see, everyone who I have talked to and have or have been friends with are all still important to me. We may not be the closest or we may not even talk, but you are still my friend and I will always be there for my friends, even if they aren’t for me. I’ve been through a lot and so has everyone else, so being able to put someone else’s pain on your shoulders isn’t that easy, I know, but my friends have done it anyway. I thank you. Even to a person that hates me, A. She was my best friend, and I still think of her as that, but a lot of things have happened to us, and I believe that she hates me. I would really like to know why and a part of me wish she didn’t act with me. I want her to be true, but a lot of people aren’t. I know I am not. Anyway, we met when she was a junior. She is beautiful and an amazing person, and so strong. Even though I envied her, I still loved her and tried not to think of those thoughts, eventually somethings happened and those were the only thoughts that crowded my mind. I still don’t understand myself but at a point I was so jealous that I made myself hate her but in reality I wanted to go back to the previous times when we laughed.

Thinking back on the past, and how so many things have changed… it makes me a little sad, but I am actually happy in a way. If these things never happened, well then neither would have this.

A, I hope you read this someday. I know that you hate me, well I heard from my friend when we saw each other at the movie theater. I won’t be forgiven so easily, I know. But knowing that we were such good friends-to me at least, makes me very happy and glad. I am really glad that I met you that day before school!

She is a beautiful person, inside and out. A true friend.

Another person, who I have had a deep connection with and a person whom I have never met is my dear friend Emily. She is beautiful and witty, to me. She knows my whole story, the good side and the bad side to him. I met her on deviantart, a wonderful website where I met many others too. I have a long distant history with her that is exclusive to the internet(for now). I love her to death, she is my dear sister. Even though she is close to me, she never fails to give me the truth.

ImageEmily, I thank you for being wild and wacky with me through this whole friendship, even the awkward time! You are real and true and I hope one day that I will meet you, and when that happens, I bet we will become even better friends. I am also glad that I have gotten to know more people because of you, and I have also changed because of you. We are connected and have shared very similar experiences and we can share our knowledge and wisdom. I’m very glad that I found you or you found me on dA, and I am very glad that we have discovered this amazing friendship. I love you!

I love all the people in my life, even if I wasn’t always the one to talk about or hang out with, knowing these amazing people were my friends is just amazing and simplistic itself.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageEven though time will pass by and maybe we all won’t talk again, everyone I met will always have a place in my heart-if they leave a deep impression!

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Writing is creative and bold.
I’ll write until I grow senile and old.
I’ll discover all my stories as they unfold.
Writing is never controlled.

My writing is my world.
The words on this page unfurled,
As the spoken word twisted and twirled,
until, out with it, the words hurled.

Sharing my dreams with everyone around me,
Written and or spoken, it travels as far as the Yangtze.
My writing tongue overflows with glee.
And when I finish those writing thoughts, I usually scream ‘Yippie!’

You may think writing isn’t so hard,
but trust me, don’t you dare disregard.
The writing process can sometimes leave you jarred.
But do not fear for you will never be scarred.

So keep on writing my dear friend.
Move those pens until the words all mend,
Writing is something you learn to comprehend.
And do not worry, this poem is not the end.

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Free Falling: Chapter Three: Broken Wings

She walks the streets, her hair dripping with water and her clothes sopping wet. She can feel the eyes of everyone on her. She ignores them and walks faster. Avoiding the main streets, she squeezes through alleys to reach her destination. She turns the next corner and runs into a gang of four. They are crowding around someone, and Amity can see blood on the ground. She gasps and they turn around. The one with a bloody knife, gauged ears and a beanie walks up to her and puts it at her throat.
“She saw.”
“No! No, I didn’t!”
“She’ll tell, we must throw her away, but…” The guy snickers. “We’ll have a little fun with this beauty first.” His sinister smile burns into her brain and she backs up, but the man grabs her long hair. “Oh no you don’t, girlie.” She opens her mouth to scream but his hand covers it and he nods for the other guys to come. Three other guys; one with a tattoo on his face, one with a gauged lip, and the other with tattooed arms and snake bites, crowd around her and they pull out knives. She closes her eyes and she feels the edge of the blade caress her neck. She shivers and they laugh. Their hands grab at her body and clothes; they cut her clothes off, one by one, letting the pieces fall to the ground, until she is standing in her underwear. The guys laugh and snicker; her eyes open and she stares at them. Their eyes are hungry and their faces and curved and rosy. A man with a gauged lip hugs her body close to his and takes his knife and slips it under the front of her bra. He pulls gently and cuts through the cloth. She brings her hands up to cover herself. The man with snake bites cuts off the straps and the bra falls to the floor.
“Lets shut her up.” The guy with a tattoo on his face cuts a piece of his shirt and ties it around her mouth as a gag. When he is done, he grabs her and presses her body against his and fondles her butt. She tries to speak but it is useless.
The men crowd around and start pulling at her panties; she tries to scream but the gag is effective.
All of a sudden the guy with the beanie screams and collapses to the ground, the grip on Amity is loosened as the boys look over, and she takes her only chance; she elbows the tattooed guy in the jaw and then turns around to knee the man with the gauged lip. Amity runs between them but soon gets stopped by the last one standing.
“Oh no you don’t.” He grabs her arm and takes his knife to her cheek. “Where do you think you’re going?”
Just as he finishes his sentence a stranger punches him in the face and as he does the Amity screams as the blade presses into her cheek. She staggers back into the wall and falls to the ground. Around her are the people that attacked her, unconscious she hopes. The stranger looks at his fist then cracks his knuckles.
“Are you alright?” He looks to her, and she vaguely recognizes him. She blinks and shakes her head. She hugs herself tighter, the only piece of clothing she has on is her underwear, and even those are ripped and torn. Amity strays from eye contact with this familiar man, she doesn’t want to see the expression on his face, but when she hears the sound of a zipper she looks up and sees him taking off his jacket. The look in his face is pain, and anger. His eyes tell her that he’s upset and sad, or is it disappointment. She shakes her head in confusion as he drapes the coat over her shoulders.
Her hair is still wet as he takes his gloves off and offers her a hand.
“You must be freezing and in shock.” She looks around and then takes his hand, unable to speak. He lifts her to standing position and zips up the coat, careful to not touch her. He bends down and sweeps her off her feet in a princess hold and they walk out of the alley.
“Where…. Where did you come from?” She stutters underneath her breath.
“I was heading to a work.”
She looks up at him, “Through an alley? Normal people travel in the streets.”
“I work at a restaurant and I dislike going through the front entrance, people stare and it is annoying. Furthermore, generally back entrances to places do end up being in alleys of some sort, especially in the city. And besides, you have no room to talk.” He raised an eyebrow at her.
“Were you just ‘passing by’ in an alley?”
“I see….” After some quiet pause he spoke again. “Shortcuts are dangerous, you should learn.”
“I’ll never learn about danger.” She murmur’s under her breath and he frowns.
The night grows quicker and he speeds up his pace. Amity stifles a yawn as they close their distance to her neighborhood.
“I’ll take you home.”
“No!” She yells and forces him to stop.
“What? Why?”
She ponders for reasons that won’t give anything away, but soon she shrugs off the idea, she’ll never see this guy again anyway.
“My mother hates me, she doesn’t want me in the house! Don’t take me home!”
“Your mother doesn’t hate you…”
“Yes she does, you don’t know her like I do.” Her eyes look fierce as she stares at him.
A few minutes pass by and he opens his mouth. “Alright, I’ll take you to my home. You can spend the night there.” He looks reluctant as they stroll through the night. She just nods and soon drifts in and out of consciousness.