Good Early Morning

Ah, staying up late is always a summer dream. It’s also a reality for me! It’s almost 2:30 in the morning, and I need sleep. I have been busy procrastinating from things I want to do.


  1. Finish the Fifty Shade’s of Grey Trilogy.
  2. Make three notebooks full of Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
  3. Finish writing my novel and release chapters here.
  4. Build a larger and nicer enclosure for my baby Emlen.
    – I really like the word ‘enclosure’ instead of pen or cage. It sounds so… plain.

But, all of these things can’t be accomplished if I am too busy online watching my favorite shows; which happen’s to be a Japanese anime dubbed in English. It’s called Kodocha, or Kodomo No Omocha. It’s a wild show and very inspirational. One of these days I want to watch the series all over again and take note of all her(Misako-Sana’s mother) useful quotes!

This post is going to be pretty short and all, but that is because I am tired. The show can be a real tear-jerker if you can get into it! Seriously! There are a lot of episodes, I’m probably not even halfway through. So much drama too. Oh well.

Oh! By the way, I found some oh-so-cute smiley’s! Check them out! ≧◡≦ (─‿‿─) ≧ω≦  (◡‿◡✿) (✿◠‿◠) ⊙_☉ ⊙.☉.

“Here have some coffee, Paige… I think you are a little random… and tired!” She brings out a cup of her finest hot l_P and hands it to her.
“Awe! Thanks for the l_P! I love it! MMM.”

I’m random.

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ I love you all!

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