My darkest days

are sharp in my mind.

Love in our eyes,

now faded in our hearts.


Intimacy strong in our hands,

feelings cringing beneath the surface

while the wheels of the car 

steer far from home.


Dreams of fingers entwined together,

lips parted and sighs exasperated.

The stars shine and the day seems brighter,

it is just a dream, right?


Memories of love and happiness,

shrouded in tears and scars.

Overflowing, non-stop.

Pain be gone, please.


I want to love like I loved before,

strong and hopeful, happy and exhilarating…

Now it’s scary and new, all over again.

Why does it have to feel this, suffocating.


This is all unreal, but the time is ticking by.

Not much left, I need you, want you.

Stay here, be with me. 

Commitment isn’t that hard now…


Impossible, though, it is.

Letting you go, far away,

never to see you again.

I have to do it, for us.


I love you.

Be happy.

Love someone,

like you loved me.


Cry for someone. 

Like you cried for me.

Hold onto someone,

like you’ve tried for me.

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