December Never Ends: Chapter One

I sat in the window stared at the falling snow, without you… it’s like there’s nothing here. I looked down at the journal that was on the coffee table in front of me. Ian Cromwell was scrawled on the cover. Your journal is all that is left.
“I have decided, Ian. I will live on for you, my one and only love.” I mumbled to the journal. “I will never forget you.” I cried silent tears as the wind blew my window open; snow came gliding in.

One Year Later

It was another snowy, December day, closing in on my birthday, it’s been close to two years since I have been alone, I’m okay though. There was a knock on the door. Today is Sunday, who would want me…? Some mercenaries coming to preach about the Lord? I got a robe on and grabbed my cup of tea. I opened the door.
The glass in my hand slipped and shattered upon impact. Ian… Ian was in front of me. How? I… I was sure he was dead. I whispered his name and threw my arms around his neck. He pressed his face against my hair as he pulled me in tight.

Two years ago

“Okay students; practice the equations on the board on a half sheet of paper. I expect these to be turned in at the end of class before you leave. Today!” The teacher instructed.
“Ugh” I mumbled, lost in my thoughts. I couldn’t concentrate when I knew nothing.

“December?” I looked over to see Azura slouched at my level making her unusual face of worry. I sighed and threw my head back. Everyone in this stupid class knows what they’re doing, except for me. If only I wasn’t sick as much, I wouldn’t have to make my one and only friend, near sister, worry about me.
“It’s nothing.” I lied.
She stared at me. Her stern, serious face appeared when she found out about my little white lie I pulled. “December…”
“…” I kept silent and I didn’t even bother to meet her glance, it was too scary…
“You haven’t done a single problem from the board. Is there something I should know about?” She took my paper and looked at nothing but my name. “What’s going on?”
I sighed and glanced at her. “I don’t get anything. I am never here, and I can’t understand a single thing. I am so stupid!” I looked at Azura, her face is more saddened, but before she could say anything an idea popped into my head. “I know!” I clasped my hands together with hers. “You can teach me! Azura, will you teach me the things I haven’t learned due to my absence?”
Her face stayed still for a while, and then slowly her cheeks were pinched by a pink blush. A smile spread across both our faces and we laughed together. “Sure, I’ll teach you.” She hugged me.
Oh Azura, so nice, so lovely; her blond hair barely brushed against her shoulders, her bangs flowed against her forehead. Her brown eyes shined towards me. What would I do without her? She has so many personalities… I guess that’s her anyway. I laughed to myself. She looked up at me and I stopped laughing. Oh crap! I didn’t listen to a thing she said…
“Do you get it now?” She asked.
“Um… Sorry, Azu… I wasn’t listening. Can you repeat that?” I looked away. She glared at me, and took a deep breath.
“It can’t be helped. Okay, listen closely this time. Got it? I won’t repeat it again!” She ruffled my hair.
“Okay! Okay! I’ll listen, don’t mess up my hair!!” I yelled and laughed at the same time. This is what I loved. A friend I could always count on.
After the teaching session with her she walked down the steps two at a time and handed in the assignment with a smile of accomplishment, like always. I laugh at how carefree she is.

“Here you go.” I hand my assignment after her and walked towards the door, but I find myself not moving. Looking back I see the teacher, who grasped my arm.
“December…” He looked at me with sorrow, pity. I didn’t need this. “How are you? Are you getting better?” I sighed.
“I am fine, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here, now would I?” I yanked out of his hold and walked out the door, I could feel his eyes on me.
“What did the teacher want?” Azura glided to my side.
“It’s the same thing all the time. They are worried about me. I told him ‘I’m fine, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.’ Seriously, why do they have to worry so much?
Ugh.” I groaned. They are all so annoying. I gazed out the window. Azura was saying something, but I couldn’t hear her, until she yelled at me for almost walking into a pole.
“What are you doing?” She mumbled and shook her head.
“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention…” I looked away. She’s angry… I fumbled with my hair, waiting for her reply.
She let out a loud sigh. “Its fine, just watch where you are going, you are making me worry.”
“I’m sorry.” Azura looked at me and I glanced back. She started laughing. “What is it?” My face flushed, was she laughing at me?
“Oh, nothing! You are just so cute!” She hugged me and laughed.
We walked down the stairs laughing; we ended up in the courtyard. We sat on the bench; I look up to see the beginning of snowfall.
“It’s snowing.”
“It’s beautiful.”
“Yeah.” I smiled and closed my eyes, feeling the snow melt on my cheeks.
“December, here.” She handed me a coat.
“Oh thanks…” I looked at the size, a medium. “Azu, this is too big.”
“Just wear it, you will grow into it.” She giggled. “You are so tiny.”
I laughed. “Hey! Don’t make fun of me.” I put the coat on, it smelled like her, and it was warm, very warm. “Thank you.” I laughed.
“Let’s go back.” Azura said. I nodded and she offered her hand.
“Ha-ha.” I smiled and pulled her down with me. “Oops.”
She laughed and pulled me up with her.
I glanced at Azura. She looked so happy… Should I tell her?
“Azura… You know my situation with living in the hospital? Well, I have been getting healthier and I…” The bell rang.
“Crap! December! I am sorry, I have to go or I will get detention, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She ran off to her extra class, I usually wait for her, but I can’t today. I have to go home.

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