Operation Change


The prey

Mother of 2

The predator:

Mother: Julie

The procedure:

  • Hide behind couch.
  • Crawl to the wall and flatten yourself against it.
  • Eye your target and make sure their attention is directed at something else.
  • Peek at every possible view.
  • Stay out of view and keep stealthy.
  • When target is not looking, creep around corner and past the fridge, make no quick or large movements.
  • Keep low to ground, chances are the targets eyes are not focused at that level.
  • Position yourself so you can gain easy access to your targets area.
  • Wait for the right moment.
  • Strike.

The plan:

*PLAN A: Scare at couch

Action Log #1

I planned to stay silent and wait behind the large couch she often relaxes at. She was on the porch for a break when my plan took action. I stationed myself behind the couch to wait for her return, it took longer than expected. She finally entered the house and my plan started to tick by. She entered the kitchen, natural territory… There she proceeded to empty the dishwasher, I figured she wouldn’t come to the couch to sit down so I came up with another plan.

*PLAN B: Scare over Counter

Action Log #2

PLAN A has failed. I have decided on a new plan. PLAN B. Mother has been quite busy in the kitchen, I have set my plan to creeping my way over their and surprise her by staring at her from over the counter. I creep out from behind the couch, keeping my eye on her, and stopping when her line of sight could catch my movement. I crawl on all fours to station myself underneath the counter. I grasp the edge of the counter and let only my eyes peer over; I stare, but I stay unnoticed. PLAN B has failed once again. At that very moment, however, I thought up a new plan.

*PLAN C: Scare in Kitchen-grab ankle

Action Log #3

I stand behind the wall, next to the counter where PLAN B has failed. I peek at the prey at ever angle. I stay still and listen for ever opportunity. ALERT! ALERT! She is putting away silverware, keep calm, don’t move. She has finally moved. I make my way to peek around the corner. She is now filling the dish washer. I wait patiently, snickering at my thoughts of showing her sweet revenge that she can never throw on me.
The sink is now running. Her attention is fully on the sink and rinsing the Coca-Cola cans out. I make my move now, I creep slowly and lightly, I stay against the wall and eye her. She isn’t looking, I mover quicker to hide beneath the counter. She’s walking. I realize that PLAN C will fail, so at the last-minute I come up with PLAN D.

*PLAN D: Scare in Kitchen-scream

Action Log #4

This will be my final log, the time is up. She is walking to do something else, before she see’s me I must do it now. I scream at her, and that is how I attack my unsuspecting prey.



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