Online Shopping

Online shopping and why it is bad… for me.

You know how your usual day starts off right? You do your own things, and sometimes that’s getting on the computer and checking everything that is in your bookmarks bar on your Google Chrome browser. That’s what I do at least… I have the usual Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress… Etcetera, Etcetera. Well, I have recently added something new, it is sort of like pin-interest(which I now have), and it is called Wanelo. It stands for Want Need Love, (by the way, I just figured this out.) pretty cool right? Anyway, there are a lot of things you can favorite or save, and buy later or just look at it…

Well, I use it a lot when I am bored from Facebook and YouTube, so I find myself glued to clicking save and the next buttons on the screen. I see all of these cute clothing and accessories and I find myself wanting more of it, and owning it. But in reality… I see these:


Yes, all I see are pictures. Look deeper.

These people look beautifully amazing in what they are wearing; the item of clothing(s) that I find impossibly cute and I would spend money on. When I see these, I want to buy the clothing because they look good in them, and that makes me feel that I will look good in those clothes as well, but that isn’t true-always. Furthermore, that is the reason I am writing this. I just realized this, so I decided to write about it while it is fresh on my mind, no matter how late it is into the night, I needed to get this out…


There are bad things about the factor of liking something that someone looks amazing in just because I think it will make me look amazing as well:

1.) Spend money on things that might not go with my style/personality/looks/body build.
2.) Could be a waste of money if you don’t wear it anyway(seeing as I am lazy, that might me the case)
3.) Feeling uncomfortable in the clothing.

To that third point, no one should ever wear something that makes them uncomfortable. That feeling with last for the entire time you wear it-obviously. The other day(Monday) I wore these cute jeans, and I was comfortable until my boss pointed out that I had a huge hole by the back pocket, which showed my nice white underwear! It was pretty embarrassing, but since I have had worse things happen to me, I didn’t worry about it. Plus I had a nice black tank top to cover it up! Anyway, I was uncomfortable the whole time since I found that out; I became more aware of the hole and the feeling that my coworkers are laughing at me… It was horrible.

Okay, back to the title: Online Shopping.

I love it, it’s easy but bad for me… Kind of like candy. Easy to get, horrible for my cavity.

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