In This Life

Maybe in this life,
it’s too much to bear.
I can’t ever be your wife,
nor can I ever feel your stare.

Your so far away now,
there is nothing let here.
And to our love, I take a bow,
and no longer shall I shed a tear.

I will look forward and onto new days,
These lonely hours will pass me by.
This heartbreak is just another phase,
compared to all the heartfelt sighs….

You had me at that silly word, hi.
You had me at your bright blue eyes and your amazing smile.
You kept your promise of not a single lie,
I just wish you could stay by my side for a while.

I love you and always have and will.
But, now I must look forward and move on,
I now face a great climb over that frightening hill…
But looking at it now, it might not take and eon.

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