I want to fall in love.

Unlock these rusted chains and set me free.

Let me soar and fly up above.

Let me rest on Cloud Nine; carefree.


Memories drag me back down,

plummiting to the Earth

A dark, twisted, painful shutdown.

The wish haunting and screaming: rebirth.


Love or lust.

Whatever it may be.

I want the difference: it’s a must.

It’s like my heart no longer has its’ key.


Shrouded in dark paths of pain,

Sadness creeping from the corners of my eyes.

I want to smile and have the strength come down in rain.

It’s truth I think about, even though I tell myself these lies. 


I don’t know if I should fall…

I’m not sure what I should do anymore.

Love is a painful, dreadful game to recall.

If I do this, I’ll drown and wash ashore.

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