Protecting Kiss

I look at the clock, it blinks and in my head it reads closing time. My coworkers and I are closing down the store and lining up to clock out. I look at the people who are lining up, they must have finished cleaning since everyone else is looking around and checking things in the store. I walk up to the register and I hear Mary yell to us. That is the signal that we can leave, so I punch in my numbers and clock out. I head to the far side of the building and Jace is following. I look at him, from up to down. Short black hair, hazel eyes, tall figure and strong. I smile at him when our eyes meet and he smiles back.
“Where are you going?”
“I’m walking home.”
“You are? That way right? Can I join you for part of the way?” I laugh and point in the general direction. He nods and okay’s my hanging around.
We walk along the side-walk and talk about trivial things.
“Why are you walking home today?”
“My parents are gone, and so is Jake. I have no way to get home. Besides it is nice out, so why not?” He laughs and I find myself smiling.
“Where are you headed too?”
“I’m going to the dollar store and then Goodwill.” I shrug.
We arrive at the crossing walk and we walk across. James picks up his pace as the timer ticks.
“Hurry up.”
“I’m coming, I’m coming.” I laugh. I hear a clink on the ground as I start to jog, I stop and turn around. “I dropped my phone!” I yell to him. I pick it up and run to the side where Jace is waiting. I almost make it as I see a truck in my peripheral vision. I feel my eyes widening and my body freezes, but warmth pools at my wrist and I am yanked from the danger. I fall into the arms of Jace, who falls to the ground with his arms around me. I grip his shirt and breathe slowly.
“Are, are you okay? Aalis?” He asks and I don’t look at him. I get up shakily and turn around. I can feel the fear across my face, the tears dripping from my eyes.
“I have to go.” I keep my head low, turn and run away from him. He follows. I run from the streets. I pass through yards and reach a park, when he grabs my hand I whip around and stare at his feet.
“Aalis are you okay?” I don’t say anything. I look away from his feet. He puts his hand on my shoulder and the other to my chin. He makes me look at him. I stare into his eyes and I see my fear reflecting back at me. I collapse onto him and he sits down where he stands. I wrap my arms around him and silently sob. I feel his arms wrap around me and hold me tight. I put one hand on the back of his neck and the other by his ear. I look at him, stare into his eyes. I touch my cheek to his.
“Is this real?” I whisper. He laughs a little and nods. I pull away from his face and lean into his lips, and he hesitantly leans into mine. Our lips lock and my body tingles. His tongue slips into my mouth and I feel my body melt under his hot kiss.

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