It’s Very Strange

These days seem to pass by real quick. I stay up late and sometimes wake up early.I feel like the days are all blending together lately, nothing is defining each, individual day. The same routine happens, sometimes. It’s either wake up early, take out neighbors dogs, or work. Then sit around on computer and browse and kill my brain cells and then sleep, or work again. Weekdays: Wake up early, dogs out, computer, work(somedays). Weekends: Wake up early, work, home, computer. 

These things are strange…

For one, in the past, I always thought to myself that I never want a job, and now… The place where I work, well, simply put-I love it! I love working where I do, sometimes it can be hard for me because of what happened, but I am learning that I don’t need to focus on that. I have people to help and that makes me smile already.

I used to always stay up until 4-7 AM and now I stay up until, 2-3 AM. It’s not much of a difference, but when I wake up… I don’t know. I used to wake up around 12-4 PM, now it is around 6-12 PM. So many new and strange things, like taking out the neighbors dogs. Never done that before.

I think I like all these things, it’s very… different, and feels like I am actually doing something. It’s enjoyable.  

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