That Day After


So, today, a lot of things have happened. 

1.) I finally got my room (closet included) cleaned! It’s pretty awesome. I love it. 


I don’t have an ‘AFTER’ photo yet…

2.) I’m starting a routine based off of something I stumbledupod– 30 day challenges to break or build a habit. I have decided that today(July 5th); my habits for this month are going to be: cold shower everyday, wash face everyday, brush teeth every day. Then tomorrow (July 6th) I am starting month 2 with the habits: 30 situps and crunches, one picture a day, 1,700 words a day to write a novel or type my novel. That’s it for that(for now.)

3.) I realized that I do not want my father in my life right now, seeing as he ruined it for the whole family. He screwed my mother over, my brother over, and I won’t let him do that with me. I’m still 17 he can’t use my name with anything! My mother spilled the beans with the Lawyer and all, the divorce… etc. So my father is mad about that. When my father walked into my workplace with his girlfriend, my heart sank. He came to the one place where I could get away from them. I cried, thank god I was on dishes. God. I hated that. It’s hard to explain…

4.) Since I cleaned my room, I let my snake, Emlen, roam around my room. He loves it… He want’s to get out now… Maybe I shouldn’t do that. Nah! I’ll do it tomorrow too. 


Now I must go. I need to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and start my list of habits to pick up!


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