Good Early Morning

Ah, staying up late is always a summer dream. It's also a reality for me! It's almost 2:30 in the morning, and I need sleep. I have been busy procrastinating from things I want to do. SUMMER PLANS: To-Do List Finish the Fifty Shade's of Grey Trilogy. Make three notebooks full of Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Finish… Continue reading Good Early Morning

Thursday’s Adventures

Well, today my motivation spiked! I was headed into work only to find out that I was not scheduled. I facepalm to that fact. After I found out that I was not scheduled, I clocked out and left the store, then I decided to walk to the library. Today isn't as hot as it was… Continue reading Thursday’s Adventures


My darkest daysare sharp in my mind.Love in our eyes,now faded in our hearts. Intimacy strong in our hands,feelings cringing beneath the surfacewhile the wheels of the car steer far from home. Dreams of fingers entwined together,lips parted and sighs exasperated.The stars shine and the day seems brighter,it is just a dream, right? Memories of love and happiness,shrouded in… Continue reading Love

December Never Ends: Chapter Two

  "We have a new addition to our class. Please let him introduce himself." The teacher gestured for him to come in. When he walked in through the door, all the girls in the room straightened and eyed him. They were all undressing him with their eyes. I can't blame them though, he was amazingly… Continue reading December Never Ends: Chapter Two

December Never Ends: Chapter One

I sat in the window stared at the falling snow, without you... it’s like there’s nothing here. I looked down at the journal that was on the coffee table in front of me. Ian Cromwell was scrawled on the cover. Your journal is all that is left. “I have decided, Ian. I will live on… Continue reading December Never Ends: Chapter One

Operation Change

  The prey:  37 Female Mother of 2 Divorced Julie The predator: 17 Daughter Mother: Julie Single Paige The procedure: Hide behind couch. Crawl to the wall and flatten yourself against it. Eye your target and make sure their attention is directed at something else. Peek at every possible view. Stay out of view and keep… Continue reading Operation Change

Online Shopping

Online shopping and why it is bad... for me. You know how your usual day starts off right? You do your own things, and sometimes that's getting on the computer and checking everything that is in your bookmarks bar on your Google Chrome browser. That's what I do at least... I have the usual Facebook,… Continue reading Online Shopping

Too Much

I ate too much! My stomach hurts. Or did I eat too fast? Couldn't that be the problem too?It's really cold in my room, I'm wrapped up in my blanket writing this, I have to take out the neighbors dog soon. She's dying, it's sad. Anyway, I took out the bed frame under my bed, so… Continue reading Too Much

In This Life

Maybe in this life,it's too much to bear.I can't ever be your wife,nor can I ever feel your stare.Your so far away now,there is nothing let here.And to our love, I take a bow,and no longer shall I shed a tear.I will look forward and onto new days,These lonely hours will pass me by.This heartbreak… Continue reading In This Life


I want to fall in love.Unlock these rusted chains and set me free.Let me soar and fly up above.Let me rest on Cloud Nine; carefree. Memories drag me back down,plummiting to the EarthA dark, twisted, painful shutdown.The wish haunting and screaming: rebirth. Love or lust.Whatever it may be.I want the difference: it's a must.It's like my heart… Continue reading Fall