Perfection and Beauty


I wake to the feeling of my cell phone vibrating at my ear; 7:30 AM. 

I lay in bed for a couple moments, I stare at my ceiling and notice the fading glow of the stars that I put up earlier in the year. I turn my head and look at my wall through the mirror of my headboard. Dark wall, light wall; colors painted imperfectly on the walls. I have a hand-made blanket and the painting I painted in 9th grade pinned to the wall. My door is shut, my closet doors are shut. Every animal in this room is sleeping; my snake, and my fish would be sleeping if he could sleep.

I sit up and let the thick, comfortable blanket relax across my legs. I wipe my eyes and crawl out of bed, dodging clothes and miscellaneous things that happen to be displayed on my carpeted floor. I walk over to the mirror and glance at myself, walk back to my desk and switch on my lamp the gives off a warm glow, walk back to the mirror and I run my fingers through my hair. Today, I have to work anyway, but I think I will look nice with this kind of pony tail. I smile and gently put my hair up and turn my head from side to side. I notice a faint line across my face and run my fingers along it. It’s from sleeping on my strange pillow, it looks like a scar. Cool. I walk to the end of my bed and open a cabinet from my headboard. I pull out some clothing; a black pair of jeans that have been sowed neatly and a no zipper jacket that is striped, black and grey. I shrug on my pants and pull my orange tank top, that I slept in, over the waist band. I grab the jacket from my bed and throw it on. I think about making my bed, but I yawn to the idea. I look at the clock: 7:40 AM. It’s almost eight o’clock. I have to leave for work at nine.

I walk out of my bedroom door and creep into the living room. I slip into my shoes and slowly open the front door and leave the house. Taking one slippery step at a time, I walk to my bike which sat in the rain. The bike seat is barely damp and will hardly do any damage to my jeans. I turn my bike around and peddle out of my driveway and into the alley of trailer town homes. I ride to the street and head toward the sidewalk, smiling at people who I pass by. I look around and feel the warmth of the damp air and notice how all the colors look a tad bit brighter. I look to the trees ahead of me and notice the missing morning glory’s, but something catches my eye. I glance down and see them mixed in with the grass, they are almost closed up. The morning glory is one of my favorite flowers.

I slowly peddle over the small hill and slow my breathing as I pass by another bike who is fixing something. He has a radio attached to his bike and it’s playing some strange songs I’ve never heard of. I park my bike once I get to the gas station and head inside. I grab a sausage, egg, cheese biscuit and a 20 oz of French Vanilla Cappuccino. It is my favorite type of coffee. I finish filling the cup and turn around to see two boys that look alike, and look very tired. They also happen to look familiar. The one in the back glances at me from time to time, they look around my age, either older or younger. The cashier lady gives me my receipt and I walk out the door. As I put my coffee in my cup holder and my breakfast in my purse, I glance at the people I saw earlier. It looks like they are going on a road trip, that sounds fun. Riding back over the hill and passing the morning glory’s I look at the woman with the Doberman and another dog that is unfamiliar to me. They are both very cute. Dogs at my right and a cat to my left. I click my tongue and the cat looks at me and then the dogs, but I couldn’t see what it did because I was already arriving at my house. I walk in with the not-so-quiet-but-still-quiet footsteps. I kick off my shoes and head to my room, stopping in the second living room to pet my mothers cat, Baby.  My cat, Charlie, backed away from me. I arrive in my room and pull off my socks and start eating my food. 

Today feels like it was perfect, aside from the fact of last night, I woke up at four because of my cavity aching. It was beautiful outside and inside. I had a lovely day. 

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