Free Falling: Chapter Two: The Fall

She walked upstairs and sets herself some breakfast at the table. Her house has a quiet feeling and muted color on the walls; grey blue and dark tones and shades.
“Amity, is that you?” Her mother’s voice echoed downstairs.
“Damn it.” Amity hurried up to clean the mess; as she did that she ate everything in her hands. She hurried out the door before her mother found her in the kitchen. She doesn’t like seeing her daughter around anymore.
Amity ran out the door and closed the gate behind her. She ran as fast as she could to get behind the brick wall. The door to her house opened just as she turned.
“Amity,” She yelled. “If you are out their, don’t bother coming back!” Her mother screamed.
She slid down the wall, rubbed her eyes and sat there. She looked across the street. The curtains in the house shuffled and a shadow passed behind it. She looks over and quickly gets up and runs to school. The school building is separated into two wings with a cat walk between, but one of the wings have been closed down so only gangsters and delinquents roam the area over there, but Amity likes to do stunts on the buildings roof top, since there are a couple more shorter buildings nearby.
“Ms. Havard!” The teacher yelled behind her, she stood still and waited for his strict lecture.
“Yes, Mr. Harker?” She asked as she turned around to face him. Mr. Alec Harker; tall and handsome for a new teacher here, he has short black hair that is gelled into natural looking spikes and light brown eyes. She stood there with her arms folded.
“What do you think you are doing?” He asks.
“Well, since you seemed to ask so nicely, I guess I can tell you.” She laughed to herself and rolled her eyes. “I’m skipping class, Mr. Harker.”
“Why?” He stands tall and looks down on her.
“I need to blow off some steam,” She sighs and taps her toes. “So, I am going to head over to that building. See ya.” She starts walking in the other direction but her teacher grabs her arm.
“Come with me.” He drags her to a quieter secluded area.
“What are you doing exactly? Why do you look like you have been crying?” He rubs lightly underneath her eyes and she slightly moves away.
“I wasn’t,” She blurts and blushes a little. “I didn’t… get enough sleep.”
“Hey… Amity…” He stares into her eyes and she is a little captivated by his gaze, he slightly leans in. Her eyes blink and she mumbles an apology as his nose touches her. She slips away from him and runs to the other building. He doesn’t follow; If teachers were seen their, they would get fired.
“Stupid teachers…” She mumbles and puts her hand to her face. “What is he thinking, I thought he was going to…” She blushes and shakes her head. “No! Lets get back to what I was doing…” She runs off into the old building and heads to the roof top. The breeze pushes her back gently and the sound of yelling boys flood her ears.
“What’re you doin’ up here?” A tall boy with spiky blond hair and pierced ears walks up to her and points his blow pop in her face. “A gal like you shouldn’ be up here.”
“Gal?” She stifles a laugh.
“Oi,” He looks over his shoulder to the rest of his gang and they move closer to Amity. “This sophisticated lookin’ gal here, she’s lost her way.” The boys laugh and Amity folds her arms and sighs. The move in closer to her as they snicker and she slowly steps back.
“No where to run, lil’ miss.” Says a boy with half is head bald and the other half blue.
“We’ll show you how fun it is to run along with us…” The other boy with tattoos on his body and designs shaved into his hair, walks closer to her.
“Hold up.” She puts her hand out and walks to the edge of the roof. They stare wide eyed. “I have some business to take care off before I play with you kids.” She sighs and stretches her arms out.
“Wait… Wait!” The boy runs to the edge of the roof and his screams are blocked by the sound of wind. She stares at the sky for a couple of seconds before flipping over to land and roll on the next roof over.
She stands up and looks at the boys on the school building; she waves, sticks her tongue out and runs off the edge of the building and disappears from sight.
She wanders around aimlessly. She understands the city already. She walks through alleys, light and dark. Some are loud and chaotic with smoking teens or men and women locking lips. Others are quiet and somber with homeless people and trash cans blocking the way. She walks through many until she finds herself at the river. On her right, she gazes at the ocean and on her left she walks to the bridge. Amity smiles and rips her socks off and takes her clothes off, until she is left in her bra and underwear; she dips her toes in first, testing the water. It’s cool to the touch and it is relaxing. She walks in and the water swallows her up in a gentle grip.

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