Free Falling: Chapter One: She Flies

She steps on the edge of the building and looked down, 50 stories below, the cement waits for her. She looks all around and gazes at the fascinating sunset in front of her. The wind blows her long hair behind her. From behind, her hair made it look like she had white wings. The sounds of cars below were muffled from the strong wind in her ears, she puts her hands up to the side of her head and closes her hazel eyes. It was silent for her; a warm sound rang in her ears. It was the sound of her heartbeat, and her blood flowing. She opens her eyes again; looks to the horizon, beyond the buildings. She whispers something, then spreads her arms out wide and falls forward.
She keeps a straight posture as she falls; she closes her eyes again and twists her body around, her back facing towards the ground. She stares at the sky, the night creeping slowly, time slowed down for her. She impacts. Her eyes roll back, her head flings forward, and her arms and legs smack down, her body is limp for a few seconds until she opens her eyes again and smiles. She sits up on the balloon, and she slowly floats to the next building over.
“What a rush,” She grins. “It still gives me goose bumps.” She laughs now and gets her phone out and types in a message; “ANOTHER CRAZY FLY, MY WINGS WORK OUT WELL!!!” She uploads her blog status and soon jumps off to the building next to her, before the balloon bounces off.
“What the hell?” A deep voice asks as she steps on the building. “I thought you were suicidal, but… I was too scared to say anything, seeing as you were falling when I got out here!” He yells. She turns around and looks at a tall man wearing a black suit. His hair is a dark color; brown with a tint of red when the sunlight hits it. His eyes are a piercing blue and his skin is light and fair.
“Who are you?” She asks. The man in front of her is her type. She hates her own race, their disgusting habits, everyone she knows has one, but this guy was a foreigner, from some other country and he has an accent. She stands on the edge of the building and swallows her guts.
“I should be asking you that.” He sighs. “Oh well, my name is Mitchell Durayni, now… who are you?” He steps and she steps back, only realizing that it’s too late to move forward. He runs up to her and grabs her wrist and pulls her in to his arms. “Be careful!” He yells and she giggles, feeling warm.
“Me? Be careful? I just jumped off a building!” She laughs, she tries to move but his arms are holding her tightly, she sits there and sighs until he releases her. “My name is Amity Havard. Are you happy now?” She walks to the other side of the building; she needs to jump soon to reach her destination. She stepped on the edge and Mitchell grabbed her wrist.
“What are you doing!?” He tightened his grip.
“I need to get to where I am going. Let go of me.” She insisted and he did listen. “You can watch if you want, just don’t scream. I’ve done this a lot.” She laughed nervously. She stared at the horizon and closed her eyes again. She fell forward and turned around, and when she opened her eyes, she was staring at Mitchell. His mouth was gaped open and she laughed as she landed on another blimp, which took her to another building. She looked towards the horizon and sighed. She put her hand to her chest and smiled. “I’ll never get used to this feeling.” She closed her eyes and sighed.
She jumped to the building that is lower than the others behind her; she looked back and saw Mitchell still looking at her. She laughed and waved; he waved back. She turned around and ran off the edge of the building and rolled onto the roof of a house boat and then dived off into the ocean.

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