My Life Feels Like a…

A story. My life feels like a story, or a novel that I would read. 

Something big happened, and I don’t know how I feel yet. I can’t say it, yet, because things between my mother and father are getting messy. My mother told me it and I can’t say it to my brother or father because they might end up knowing what she is trying to do and also she wants me to be prepared for any pop-outs that my dad might pull to keep me on his side. However, mom and I both think he wouldn’t go that far.

On an up note, I am now alone. My friend, Paige Marie, slept over last night after I slept over at her house Since Saturday. My other friend is moving out of her house today too. A lot of things are happening, I can’t keep it all in my head. I do know I have to take a shower, wash it all out, then go to work today. Work and get my mind off of everything. This is strange. So very strange, but I am okay for now. 

ImageI’m okay for now. I’ll be alright, I am pretty sure this will blow over in the future.

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