This Cute Guy at a Bookstore


So a couple days ago I got this thing in the mail, and it was mailed to the wrong address. I told my mother and she said she would return it the next day.
Well a couple days passed and she still didn’t, so today I looked up the address and it was to a bookstore by my house, I guess. I tell her that and so when she got home we dropped it off at the bookstore.
I walk in their and there are a couple people being helped and I just wait there, sighing, and then this really cute guy walks up to me from behind the counter. In his walk, he seemed all relaxed and happy, and when he saw me, I don’t know. Our eyes met and I felt a little shy! He had dirty blond hair that kind of curled and tanned skin. He was muscular and a little taller than me. His smile was awesome and so white. His eyes were like a light blue. His voice was a little deep too. I felt like I had a huge crush on him the moment I saw him. 
Oh gosh, and now, after I took a nap I really regret not asking him what the book was-just to talk to him more. And I also hope he comes into my work so I can see him. He was so gorgeous! Then I had a dream that I see him at work and I ask him if he wants to talk later on or meet up! GOSH I REALLY HOPE I SEE HIM!! The only bad thing is the bookstore is a college bookstore, and he is probably a college student.

I told my friend this story and she told me this.

 All you have to do when you see him again is prevent yourself from saying something along the lines of “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy…”

I laughed so hard, she made my night, and I am tempted to use that line from that song if I do see him again. I don’t know why but this is the first time that I felt something from looking at an average looking cute guy. Wow. This is so crazy, what do I do?

Once I got out of the store and told my mother about the cute guy, she gave me a good idea. She told me to call the bookstore and say, “Yeah, um, I just brought in a book, can I talk to the cute blond boy? Oh this is him, well boy you are fiiiiine.” Haha I seriously thought about doing that. But I am also thinking about just going back into the bookstore. Gosh, I’ve never been like this before. Hm, what could it possibly mean?

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