Image This is random, again. I was lying on my bed and I was taking a bunch of photos. 

Last night I watched a thunderstorm rumble on by, I was with my friend and we were sitting in the car relaxing with the rain and the thunder. It was really nice, the rain on my skin felt very cool and calm. I wanted to dance in the rain, if I knew how to dance… And if I had my preferred dance partner. It would of been lovely.

Earlier that day I went swimming with a couple of people too, that was great. The waves on the lake were hefty and I gladly floated among them. I did sometime hold my breath and just lose myself and all my troubles underwater. I closed my eyes and plugged my nose and went under, it’s like when I am swimming but I wasn’t swimming. When I was under the water, away from the talking and laughing, away from the roaring with and the sound of the waves splashing, I am only left with the underwater sounds-the water swimming in my ear. I am left with my steady heartbeat and that is all I focus on. I don’t even think about other thoughts, it’s really relaxing. When I am swimming underwater-my favorite type of swimming, everything disappears also. I hear the swish of my feet and feel the water flow past and in between my fingers. I feel like I am floating, without floating, but I am gliding through the water, and it’s amazing. 

After that I went out of the beach, and the sun on my skin felt amazing as well. I found this little run off from the lake and walked over to it, it was beautiful. Ducks were swimming all around, birds flew past me. Green luscious grass and plans outlined the area, and when the sun struck the spot, it was amazing to look at. Everything thing was brighter. At that moment, I said to myself. This is what I feel is amazing. The simple things like this, in life.

When I switched to hang out with another person, we stayed out until around 2AM, I got home went in my room, I decided to watch another movie called 16 To Life. It was actually pretty awesome. I liked it a lot. It was pretty nice. I went to be around 530AM and woke up around an hour ago-aka 10AM. That’s ALOT of sleep. Oh well. 

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