Gigantic Rolls

So, the past few days my mother has been trying to make home made bread, and finally! Finally, she succeeded. The rolls are great and delicious, and awesome. They are also pretty huge! Almost the size of my hand! But that doesn’t bother me, I really like bread. 

I remember when my mother told me if I don’t listen to her or if I keep complaining she will make me eat bread and water, and I always said I was fine with that. I still am fine with it. One day our family friend, Jason, came over and he has to make home-made rolls because of allergies, anyway… He came over with a couple rolls and I took two. They were so amazing! Oh gosh! Then later I walked out and looked at the last on and told my mother, “Of you don’t eat this I will.” I love bread. I love rolls. Gosh, so good.

My mothers rolls also taste really good with cold milk, mm. Hot rolls fresh out of the oven, and cold milk. So yummy.

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