You Loved Me Then

“I love you,” you would say.
Sweetness in your eyes. Your heart didn’t sway.
When your hand held mine so tight,
you loved me then, with all your might.

My feelings still so strong and keen,
I’d like to believe that this was all unseen.
I’d tell myself, this isn’t real,
I’d say to you, “How do you feel?”

Your reply’s were so thought out,
to the point, you’d look away, and I would pout.
I knew what was happening, I did.
It was all too soon, of course you don’t kid.

This brought me down, way down deep.
I loved everything, it was you I wanted to keep.
It doesn’t really matter now.
You’re leaving me anyhow.

Far away, you will be.
Somewhere I can’t touch or see.
I’ll cry, I think, from this pain.
Like I said, these feelings aren’t tame.

Dearest, I love you still.
And, for sure, I know I always will.
You are my first,
and still, I thirst.

For your touch and smile.
I hope this distance will be for a little while.
But, I know that isn’t true.
Ever since, I said goodbye to you.

I want you here in my reach,
Sometimes in my dreams, I screech.
“Don’t go!” I beg and yell.
It’s all your fault, my heart has fell.

I’m not ready yet, please stay.
I love you dearly, come now, lay.
Let me kiss you, breathe you, touch you, see you.
Shouldn’t you want this too…

You loved me then, I still hope so.
You won’t ever say those words, you’ll be in silence, then you’ll just go.
So take my heart, take my body too.
Whatever it takes, just to get close to you.

I love you, I really do.
How you make me feel, it’s still so new.
You have changed, you loved me then.
We both have changed, I knew you then.

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