She closes her …

She closes her eyes and sings softly. Her beautiful voice revealed in the night. Her phone rings and it’s her boss’s daughter video calling.

“Ah, Hello.”
“I can’t sleep, sing me a song! Just like my mamma used to.”
“Ah… Okay.” She sings a soft melody and the girl sings along.
“Am I doing it right, Mel?” The child asks.
“Yes, you are. Very good job Renee.” Melissa laughs and continues singing.

After a couple seconds in, Melissa glances over her shoulder to see Renee’s father walking closer. He taps his index finger to his lip, indicating her to keep quiet as he listens into their singing. Melissa tries to ignore his presence but is unable to succeed when he sits down next to her to see his daughter. Through the phone, he can see Renee, but she can’t see him. Melissa keeps singing until Renee stops and falls asleep. She then looks over at her boss.

“Mr. Sanders… What are you doing out this late?” She hesitates.
“Please, call me Mike, I noticed you were singing and it happened to be that lullaby you sang to Ren when she called you to come over.” He smiles.
“Ah, yes.” She looks down and puts away her cell phone.
“Thank you,”
“Thank you for singing to her. She really likes you.” He looks at her with sincerity in his eyes.
“Ah, is that so?” She blushes and scratches the back of her head. She returns eye contact with Mike and they gaze at each other.
“I really think fondly of you, Melissa.”
“What?” She blinks.
“I like you, a lot. So does Ren. We have known each other for a couple of years, and somehow you always end up helping me with her… So I have a question…” He swallows and stands up. “Take a walk with me.” He holds out his hand and she grasps it. He pulls her up quickly and she stumbles into his arms.
“Ah.” He wraps an arm around her waist, and they walk in silence until they reach a vast lake. The moon sparkles over the water and the stars shine brightly. He puts his hands on her shoulders and makes her look at him.
“M…Mike?” She swallows.
He takes her hand and slowly gets down on one knee. “You have provided my daughter, the most dearest person to me, love and warmth that I have been unable to give to her. You have also passed those gentle feelings to me and I have fallen for you. I have seen many sides to your lovable character, and now I know what I must do,” He clears his throat. “I want to share my warmth with you, I want you to be apart of my family and I want to be apart of yours, Melissa Jane Avers, will you please take my hand in marriage?” He looks at her, examines her features. She blinks at him and puts a hand to her lips. Tears drip down her cheeks.
“Oh, Yes. Yes I will gladly take your hand in marriage.”
“I love you Mel,” He tugs her down into her arms.
“I love you too Mike.” She kisses him and he slides a silver engagement ring on her ring finger. On the ring it reads: Be mine baby, and I’ll gladly be yours. Together forever. 

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