First: Here is my super awesome hair.

Second: Wow, I feel like I can surpass my most viewed day which was last year in December. I gained 64 views. Just the other day, I achieved 51 views! Awesome, and today, so far, I have 23. I wonder how many more I can get. It’d be nice to get a lot more, but I won’t ask for much. This was just a random update, and I am way to lazy to go to the gas station in this hot weather, plus I am to lazy to eat. I think I might go for a bike ride, it’s pretty hot in my room too, and I need to clean it a bit… Ugh, I don’t want to! 

Third: Did you know, the end of the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, is a little boring… well it isn’t the end END. It’s around pages 400. I just feel a little lazy for reading it. My mother complains and nags saying “If you let me read it, then I would have been done already,” and I use the words she always say to me, “It’s not going anywhere.” She didn’t appreciate that. I did learn, from reading the book, more about writing. I really like these types of books, (not the sexual/erotic romance novels-though those are sure entertaining) I like the way the author writes, I really enjoy how she writes. The writing is part of the reason I am still writing, and the way the book is made, it makes me feel like jotting down notes about random things. I also didn’t realize that this book is probably the longest book I have ever read! Oh boy, another accomplishment!

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