ImageThe picture is pretty random, it is of me and my almost 5ft ball python-Emlen. I just felt the need to share a picture of us together. I’ll share a random picture every post, some might even be related to the post, someway-somehow.

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
¤ º° ¤`•.¸.•´ ¤ °º

That was the most irritating thing I had to deal with… ever. I wasn’t able to access my bank account due to my forgotten username and password, and so I tried over and over to get in, but I kept failing. Even though I was able to get into my account before (mobile) and it just didn’t make sense. It really made me mad. My irritation sang through the voices of my family members, but that happens a lot.

I don’t really like the new password change or username thing. I have my password set to something I will remember but, I don’t like that you have to add a symbol, it makes things more complicated, and I don’t know what to do about that. I lose my temper very easily and I need to change that. It made me mad to the point of crying. Things are harder than they have to be, or I am just making them that way. I have to work this Saturday, so things should be better after I get to the habit of Saturday mornings and evenings becoming active with Palmer’s habits.

Working really gives me a type of release, although some people there can make me irritated as well, it’s a very happy environment. I enjoy too much. Eventually, I will save money to the point that I can buy food every day from there… or something like that. I really like their food, it’s very good, and I also enjoy eating salads. Furthermore, I get 25% off when I am not working, and 50% off when I am working. Very convenient. Other than the food and price, I really do like working. It gives me time away from my thoughts and gives me something to focus on. When I am able to keep money with me throughout the weeks that I don’t get money, I hope to be able to afford little luxuries that I would enjoy to have. I also want to be able to get, perhaps, another job. But, I’d want this to be an online thing. Like… may I say, writing? That would be glorious if I could work for what I love doing. I still am looking into that more and more, I hope one day(soon) I can accomplish that.

I also just got my rat for Emlen; why do these albino rats always have a huge pair of nuts? It’s a little disturbing. Right as I type my python is feeding on medium-sized rat, very exciting. I have seen it many times, and the only parts I really like are the beginning and the ending. It just gets a bit long to watch him eat. I still like hearing him crush the bones of his victim though.

Oh, I am so tired, so I am going to sum up my update here, then I am going to head towards the local gas station and grab me some grub. I’ll update later on! I’ll be back with a text or something later.


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