It Was a Good Day

Today was a great day, it started off great and ended pretty amazing!

First Off Is The Book Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.
Oh god. Oh god. Oh god! 
It is amazing so far, so… kinky and sexy. I love this book. Oh, boy. I love it. Ha-ha, it’s too much, but I don’t want to put it down! I won’t give anything away, but please, you have to read it. It will change you life forever. Okay, probably not that far, but it is pretty awesome.

Secondly Is My Day at work! I got to work and I smiled and I listened and I was happy. I had a good day, although I was in the dish room, it was really fun. I even found my crush for someone blossoming for the words that I would like to think he said good girl. But I don’t know if I heard wrong or right… probably wrong, but just for now… I will say I heard correctly. 
Another thing about work; when I get praised for doing something well, especially by people who normally don’t talk to me, I feel awkward and don’t know what to say. Today, I was praised and I felt if I said “thank you,” it would sound weird, if I said “thanks” it would sound as if I don’t care that they praised me, and if I said(which I did say) “ok” it would be strained and impolite and sound like it don’t care at all about them or I just brushed off the praise. It’s so confusing. It felt strange, but I liked it.

Today, I was genuinely happy, and realizing that I was happy, made me happier. It was amazing, but I may also like to think about how I spilled my guts out on Compassion Pit, somehow may have helped my mood. I’m not sure.

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