Getting My Summer Life Together

I have a play. I am going to wake up in less than six hours, clean my bathroom before I use it. Then I will practice personal hygiene. I will then make food, and eat it and savor it. I will then clean that mess up and perhaps clean up the kitchen for my mother. Then I will go back to my room, I will clean my betta’s bowl and then fill up Emlen’s water dish and snake proof so he can roam around. Later on, I might skype with a friend and vacuum my room. Then I shall try to type up my novel and other short stories, or read or surf the web. Then later on I will possibly hang out with my friend Carly and if I don’t I will do nothing. That is my life tomorrow, because I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I’m getting back to my normal schedule of working that I had at school. 

Now it is time for my sleep. Goodnight. 

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