The Worst Yet Best

I. Just. Finished. Insurgent. 

IT WAS SO AMAZING! OH GOD! I can’t wait till next year! Jeez, why does it have to take so long! The cliff hanger was the best ever, but it was so… painful… Torture… I LOVE IT! asjskljglkskdsljlfkjgkljdflkslkjaskjdakljfkddsf I am so mad and happy and… I HAVE A LOT OF MIXED EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW. I don’t know what to do. I have satisfied my reading today, now… I have nothing to do. What do I do? I WANT TO READ MORE OF THIS SERIES!!! 

Have you ever felt like this? You can’t put a stupid, flippin’ book down and right when it got amazing and got to the best part, it STOPS! Then you have to wait for a whole year to read the rest! Gah! I want to cry… I won’t! I love these books, they are now my life. They made me laugh out loud, jeez! It was amazing. Hahahaha, just thinking about it…

When I finished this book, I read the last sentence, turned the page to see ACKNOWLEDGMENTS and then I screamed “NO!” I threw it down on my bed, knocking things off. I got so mad, I ran out of my room and started yelling at my mom: “THAT WAS THE WORST YET BEST WAY TO LEAVE A BOOK HANGING!!! I WANT TO READ MORE!!!!” 

I. Love. It. My love for things like this… it’s pretty bad, I love love when things get me going and get me riled up. I love books that get me in the story, make me read out loud and laugh and cry. I love first person P.O.V. I love that I love a lot of things like this. I love that I am just rambling on….

Okay… I’ll stop now. 

If you are reading to this point, please answer this in a comment:

What books would you recommend me? Have you ever felt so strongly about a book like I do(maybe not to that extreme…)? 

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