Free Falling: Chapter Two: The Fall

She walked upstairs and sets herself some breakfast at the table. Her house has a quiet feeling and muted color on the walls; grey blue and dark tones and shades. “Amity, is that you?” Her mother’s voice echoed downstairs. “Damn it.” Amity hurried up to clean the mess; as she did that she ate everything… Continue reading Free Falling: Chapter Two: The Fall



Honestly, I am too lazy. Here are some excuses to why I haven't been posting:It's too hot.I'm lazy.What do I post?I'm too bored.Etcetera, Etcetera...It has really been hot lately... Oh well. Here is a small update, sorry if I repeat myself...I have hooked my mother up with someone! They are happy, probably not 'dating' yet. I… Continue reading Honestly


Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home; where the carpet is clean(most of the time), my mother in the living room watching the television, a little loud. Where I sit in my bedroom browsing the internet and procrastinating from multiple things: writing my novel, reading the books I have on my 'to-read' list, and sleeping. Home sweet home; where… Continue reading Home Sweet Home


Clean Bedroom: Closet Not Included

I cleaned my room today, vacuumed and all. I even folded my clothes, finally... Now I am doing my laundry, so I can fold my clothes again! Hooray! I vacuumed the second living room and the hallway between my room and my mothers', who just now got home. Then I vacuumed the rug in the bathroom because… Continue reading Clean Bedroom: Closet Not Included


Free Falling: Chapter One: She Flies

She steps on the edge of the building and looked down, 50 stories below, the cement waits for her. She looks all around and gazes at the fascinating sunset in front of her. The wind blows her long hair behind her. From behind, her hair made it look like she had white wings. The sounds… Continue reading Free Falling: Chapter One: She Flies


Chicken Nuggets

I made some chicken nuggets today, they are pretty good. I am drinking them with a glass of wishing it was chocolate milk. It's pretty good for nuked nuggets. My mother didn't want me to use the oven and heat up the house. So, I didn't use it.Holly, my dads girlfriend, she's quiet and acts like a dog...… Continue reading Chicken Nuggets