Lie here in my …

Lie here in my arms,
hold me tighter just til morn’. 
As soft sighs whisper between us, 
I know my heart will still be torn.

But hold me tighter just once more,
embrace me, kiss me… 
I knew you loved me once before.

So stay by my side! 
Please baby, don’t leave me here. 
I love you, I need you. 
So please, I beg, stay near.

Whisper those words that you don’t dare tell! 
I need to hear them, you see,
if I don’t… I won’t be able to find my heart
that has fell.

You are my first love, 
the way you touched me. 
How sweet it felt. 
What did you see when you looked at me?

Every one is different.
I know I won’t find someone like you.
My first love, my first heartbreak… 
With everything I shared, I just want you.

You made me feel whole, 
with how my entire body felt 
when your hand fit mine, or when your lips met mine. 
My body would just melt.

I cry still, every now and then. 
When I think of how we used to have been, 
how we could have been…

I have this bad feeling, 
that if like this we do end, 
and you leave, I feel in the future… 
We’ll never meet again…

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