Two Days So Far, I’m Doing Great

Yesterday was awesome, today was all good. 

Yesterday: At first I was doing nothing but reading some manga’s from and watching some Asian dramas from, but then my friend texted me… He, Mason, said that he didn’t want to sit around all summer and get fat, so we decided to hang out! It was really fun. We basically played extreme ping pong and let the balls fly every where. It was really fun, until my sugar high decreased!!! Then we drove to Dahls, because he had an interview and got the job! Woo Hoo! Then on the way back, I say a tennis court. 
“I wanna play tennis now…”
“I have some rackets, lets do that!”
So we played tennis for a bit and I got tanned and my arm is killing me! I love sports, haha! So much fun! However, I haven’t played tennis since middle school so I sucked. And I find it a little embarrassing to be taught so I said, “If I let you teach me, then you have to take me out to ice cream!” He agreed, so I was happy. I felt awkward though… I don’t like being taught, it’s weird!!! I don’t know why! Anyway, after that I got home and basically did nothing, but then I went outside and rode my bike and hung out at the park.

Today: I woke up a little late, maybe around 10 AM and I was still really tired because I basically went to sleep between 3 AM and 6 AM. Anyway, I let out my next door neighbors dog, cleaned my room! Then I went to work. Tonight was a really slow night, yet it went by pretty fast for me. I was pretty somber the whole time, but it wasn’t bad. I was just thinking about nothing, and just focusing on my work. It wasn’t that I was gloomy or anything, I just felt heavy and tired and I gave of a somber expression and I worked through the night with an arm that is sore, and a back that is sore too (from sweeping under tables and crap) and my knee started to hurt halfway through the evening. Even though I say somber, I wasn’t gloomy. I just need a better word… Apathetic? Yeah, that’s a good word. I worked apathetically this evening. Lost is my mind with no thought whatsoever. Strange. Even though I was like that, I had fun! It was great tonight.

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