What Is In My Purse

Well, if I had one…. It wouldn’t even be a purse. It’d be more like a backpack! I like carrying a lot of things. 

I would have my laptop, my webcam, medication(advil), a drink of some sort, some makeup, notebooks, pens, pencils, wallet, flash drive, phone, sandisk, hair ties, bobby pins, tape, a book, camera, deodorant, a brush, sketchbook, headphones, ipod, chargers for my phone, ipod, computer, camera, I’d bring mail keys too. 

(This headache isn’t going away!!!) I like bringing things I would probably never need, but it’s fun. I did say before that I like the idea of sophistication… too much…

Since I have said that, I have to make my room look perfect. Are any of you like that? 

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