Hey, Guess What!?

I jumped on the bandwagon! Follow me on twitter @writingapaige, yippie!
Yesterday, I got out of my house at 7pm and roger my bike tothe library, only to find out that they were closed. *sadface* So then I decided to ride around and find something to do… I wanted to hand out with my friend Holiday, but she was working, so I messaged my friend Carles and we hung out with some people. Some chinese people: that gave me a chance to speak chinese with them, they said I was really good. *extremehappyface* We went to Carles house and played Deal or No Deal, then Apples to Apples. O
It was really fun, I had a lot of fun. When we had to take Aly and Pat home (the chinese) I ended up sleeping over at Carles house. This was the first sleep over of the summer!!

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