Apologies And December Never Ends Preview

Many of my posts lately have been very… depressing. I’m sorry about that. Too many things cloud my mind I guess! 

Well, guess what? It’s summer! Hooray~ Nothing to do all night, but sleep and work! Woo Hoo, that’s exciting!! Not. I think this summer, I will read, write and do nothing. It will be boring. I plan to run around like a crazy person though, that is one thing. First of all I need to find a way to make my room colder! 

Here is a bit of my short novel: (Just the prelude)

December Ellis, a human girl with a serious heart condition and can’t remember her past. Azura Pearson, a half vampire who will live for 1,000 years as long as she is with her best friend. These two women are best friends and understand each other deeper than anyone else, until a dashing young man comes in to the picture. This boys name is Ian Cromwell, and he has just transferred to their academy, which by chance impacted her life a great deal. She was intrigued and felt something different about herself because of this man. December decided a life changing event that threatened the lives of everyone she began to care about and everyone she did care about. December and her friends set out to find the missing puzzle pieces of her past, but not only did they find them, they have also met new trouble along with it.

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