These Fears

These fears of mine,
consume me whole.
I close my eyes,
and I see a keyhole.

It leads to a door,
beyond my sight.
this feels very cold,
but I have to fight!

When i reach that door,
its tightly locked!
my heart sinks into the dark,
while it stared and mocked.

I turn and run,
into my darkened soul,
my fears shadow me,
and my tears unroll.

My most painful fear,
is you leaving me…
I know i can’t help it,
but, please stay beside me…

But you’ll soon fly away,
far from here.
Like a free bird
you have nothing to fear.

I need too be like you,
grow some white wings and fly.
but I don’t have the guts,
because you’d pass me by.

These fears of mine
take me down,
shackle me tight,
and they keep me in this town.

These fears of mine,
take a lot of power to cut,
If i gain enough strength,
I can take a shortcut. 


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