Summer Is Around The Corner

Hey, listen up. Guess what is the big news? School finals? Hah! No way! What are you thinking!? No, the big news-Summer! It’s just around the corner! Beach balls, long nights, hot summery days, cool wind, and most of all… The pool! But for me… it’s the lake, but that is alright!
School finals are on their way, and they are nagging at my feet under the covers when I sleep! Scary! I don’t want to work on them right now, but that is the right thing to do, I guess… Arrgh! This is giving me a headache! No one wants to do this… Should I be doing this in life? Yes, do I want to? No, that’s for sure.
Oh boy, I can’t wait for the summer! Two years, I spent my whole summer locked in my bedroom. Which evidentially, had a thick, dark curtain pinned over the window. I was a night owl, and I still am, especially with my snake!! I would spend all my days typing my eyes out on the computer, and reading manga. I was a maniac who ate a 2 in the morning and went to bed at 7. It was pretty amusing. Then last summer, when I met an amazing man, I changed from a night owl too hanging around in the sunshine. It was fun too, until we got in a situation and we separated. Bleh!
Any who, I am single again, and now I will return to my nightly hours, alone, on the computer, with the best thing: Manga, unless I decide to read non-stop. I like reading books too.
On a random note, I find it funny that while I am typing this in class, I am totally shaking my head and smiling to the computer screen. I laugh and then look around, feeling SLIGHTLY embarrassed if anyone is watching… Uh, oh. That would be bad.
On a down note, the pain that comes with summer, and schools end… Finals. It’s pretty intense, there are projects this time and I don’t like it!! Ga! I don’t like it alt all! I have a lot of projects to do and homework to finish, it isn’t fair! Boo hoo.

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