“Do you talk to her?”
“Nah, not anymore.”
“Why not?” He glanced at his phone. “Text ya too much.”
“Yeah dude. It’s fucking annoying, she is fucking annoying.” He laughed.
“Shit happens. Whens the last time you had it?”
He mumbled something, then spoke. “What about you?”
“Saturday night.”
“Damn dude, with who?”
“Jordan…” He said.
“Holy shit, you son of a bitch!” They laughed.
“How long are you gonna last?”
“I don’t know dude…”
“You are so desperate, trying for every girl!” He snickered. 

This a conversation that I heard, right next to me. It happened to be an ex of mine from 6th grade! Interested how they have changed. I think it is hilarious what guys talk about in the open. Friends with benefits, that is what comes to mind! I call that a very interesting flavor. I suspect everyone to have a taste of that little flavor, I know, sadly, I have. I don’t know if it is a bad or good flavor. Hm, depends on who, when, where and the reason why you chose it I guess. But that is a story that isn’t meant for another day , or any day at that. 

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