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The Words I Hate Most

"Goodbye" I spoke the shortened version: "bye," because I hope that one day I will see him again. I don't know what will happen then, I am scared. I know last night I cried like a baby, because I was thinking about him, and then I wrote that poem, ,I cried like a baby when I wrote… Continue reading The Words I Hate Most


Today, I’ll say Goodbye…

Today, I’ll say Goodbye. Even though my breaking heart tells me not to… I can not live with this pain anymore, so I will ignore it today and tell you the words I hate most. Goodbye.

I have decided today, I will make myself look good, boost my esteem and then break it down. Today is the day that we must end. My heart already has enough pain, I don't want to meet again, I doubt we will meet again. So, today, I am going to be selfish and make it easier on my heart (I hope). I'll tell you goodbye, with one last hug and one last kiss. I can't take it anymore.

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Lie here in my …

Lie here in my arms,hold me tighter just til morn'. As soft sighs whisper between us, I know my heart will still be torn.But hold me tighter just once more,embrace me, kiss me... I knew you loved me once before.So stay by my side! Please baby, don't leave me here. I love you, I need you. So please, I beg, stay… Continue reading Lie here in my …


Two Days So Far, I’m Doing Great

Yesterday was awesome, today was all good. Yesterday: At first I was doing nothing but reading some manga’s from and watching some Asian dramas from, but then my friend texted me… He, Mason, said that he didn’t want to sit around all summer and get fat, so we decided to hang out! It was really… Continue reading Two Days So Far, I’m Doing Great


What Is In My Purse

Well, if I had one.... It wouldn't even be a purse. It'd be more like a backpack! I like carrying a lot of things. I would have my laptop, my webcam, medication(advil), a drink of some sort, some makeup, notebooks, pens, pencils, wallet, flash drive, phone, sandisk, hair ties, bobby pins, tape, a book, camera, deodorant, a… Continue reading What Is In My Purse



"Dad!""What?""Looky!!!" She says as she points at the screen and giggles."What is it?""My blog! Finally, 1,000 views!! Ahahaha!" She smiles and he walks away.---Okay, that was random, but finally! I got 1,000 views. I know that is a small number, but I am so so happy! It's pretty awesome to me. I love it! Gosh.… Continue reading 1,000 Views

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Hey, Guess What!?

I jumped on the bandwagon! Follow me on twitter @writingapaige, yippie! Yesterday, I got out of my house at 7pm and roger my bike tothe library, only to find out that they were closed. *sadface* So then I decided to ride around and find something to do... I wanted to hand out with my friend… Continue reading Hey, Guess What!?