So, it finally happened. Ellen, my ball python, fed on Saturday. Now he is shedding. It’s pretty amazing. I can’t wait to clean his pen… I also have him on Youtube. Emlens first feed. part one
So on other terms, the weather has been awesome lately. Thunderstorms, wind, rain, and today it is a bit chilly bit very comfortable. I’m wearing layers so I am relaxed. I took a lot of pictures on Sunday: before the storm.
Prom is approaching soon, just as my birthday, they are on the same day. I am a bit drowsy. Last nifty I stayed up late to finish homework. I was. bit distracted but I got it done. It was an article, magazine article, about writing therapy. I titled it as: Bibliotherapy: Writing… I can’t remember the rest of the title right now. I really like that article so…  I shall post it here later on today. Do any of you know Pewdiepie? If not go to YouTube and search him, be is pretty amazing. He makes my day. Anyway I wrote something with my friend Ben, and it somehow ended up to be about Pewdie. I’ll post it too.

So I will do a question a day, I hope at least so.e people answer it. If not, well, I guess that is alright.

What’s in you wallet?

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