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So, it finally happened. Ellen, my ball python, fed on Saturday. Now he is shedding. It’s pretty amazing. I can’t wait to clean his pen… I also have him on Youtube. Emlens first feed. part one
So on other terms, the weather has been awesome lately. Thunderstorms, wind, rain, and today it is a bit chilly bit very comfortable. I’m wearing layers so I am relaxed. I took a lot of pictures on Sunday: before the storm.
Prom is approaching soon, just as my birthday, they are on the same day. I am a bit drowsy. Last nifty I stayed up late to finish homework. I was. bit distracted but I got it done. It was an article, magazine article, about writing therapy. I titled it as: Bibliotherapy: Writing… I can’t remember the rest of the title right now. I really like that article so…  I shall post it here later on today. Do any of you know Pewdiepie? If not go to YouTube and search him, be is pretty amazing. He makes my day. Anyway I wrote something with my friend Ben, and it somehow ended up to be about Pewdie. I’ll post it too.

So I will do a question a day, I hope at least so.e people answer it. If not, well, I guess that is alright.

What’s in you wallet?

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On Saturday, after working … I convinced my mother to let me get my ball python. He is around 4 to 5 ft long, almost full grown. I am so in love!
I got to hang with him and stuff that day and on Sunday I went to my friends house, Sam. I slept over and we had fun. I was happpy. The next day, Monday. I got home around 1 and then I found a prom dress. I really like it. When I got home I took a nap, then I went for a jog and ended up walking, Haha. I don’t remember what time I went to bed… then today, its wonderful so far, shower and I was able to eat some food. Yay! Now I’m on the bus listening to my iPod on shuffle. That’s always the best way to go. So now ill enjoy my day. Ill update tomorrow, perhaps.

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At last

I have a prom date, and I am really happy. Prom is my birthday and I am working and going with one of the guys from my creative writing class. I’m really nervous, but excited. First high school dance and it happens to be my birthday, and it so happens to be prom.

I have a goal, in the next 3-4 months I will finish my book and self publish it! That is my goal, and I wish to achieve it! It may be hard but, I will get it done. I swear it!

At the end of this week, April 6, Friday right? I will get paid and then I might get my pet snake, it will be awesome, like seriously! I can’t wait at all. I’m so excited. Also, this week I work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, then I sleep over at a friends house and then Monday I get to see some possible secondary prom dress choices, I don’t want a too simple of a dress (like my choice right now). I also don’t want to spend a lot of money since I will be buying a pet soon (Maybe).

I’ve been ditching people, lately. I don’t know, I guess I want to expand my friendships and meet new people? Nah, that’s an excuse. I just don’t feel like talking to many people that I am used to talking too. Why? Well for a couple of reasons…

  • I feel a bit awkward around them, they either like me or have liked me or they invade my space and just are too much for me. Or all of them combined.
  • I’m not really interested in talking to them at all.
  • I have nothing to talk about with them.
  • I’m trying to do different things and focus on small things right now.
  • I want to be away from some people.

I guess those can be some of my reasons…

So, when I saw my counselor last Thursday, she told me to write on a sticky note about what I did good (kind of like what I am proud of?). I don’t remember the reasoning behind it but, I know I have to fill my body mirror with those small sticky notes. So far I have three. I started the 31st of March.

Right now it is 11PM and I need to get to bed. But before that, some personal hygiene!