Thank you.

I’m waiting for the week to be over. I want it to end, or go by fast. Please! I am brimming with excitement, I can’t wait for Friday, my payday. I will be getting a big paycheck and I am going to spend most of it on my new companion. A Ball python or a Blood python. I am not quite sure which! They are so beautiful and amazing, am I weird for thinking this way?

Well, today I just read a comment from someone who is a well written writer. She commented on my page – Inspiration. I am so happy that I read it too! It made my day, I feel amazing just because of that and now, more than ever, I want to write! I felt like my writing reached no one, and that no one is like me – a girl who looks at any written thing and can find someone amazing, a girl who loves words and the written language, a girl who gets inspiration from writing. I still don’t know if anyone is like me, but I don’t care really, okay maybe a little. Anyway, Anna, if you read this then I am even more happy. Thank you so much, I couldn’t appreciate your comment any less than I appreciate life and all living things – that is a lot of appreciation. Haha, but seriously. Lately it has been kind of dreary for me, and I didn’t feel like writing at all, but thanks to you, I feel much more happy and free or painful shackles. I don’t know how to say everything I am thinking about but I am really grateful. I haven’t been in a great mood like this, that made me want to write, since a long time. I really am thankful. Now I can honestly say I want to write more. Thank you so much.


Well, I am super duper excited! I work all week; 4 PM to close(8 PM). Monday through Friday, Saturday – 9 AM to close(3:30 PM). I am going to get a hefty check, yay. I can’t wait for Friday! I’ll have to feed my snake every Sunday. And every Monday is laundry, maybe Wednesday too. I also have to find a name first. Um, I’ll figure that out later. So I have decided that I will post a chapter a day of my story – December Never Ends. It’s on a couple of other places but, I will keep it here. Now, I have to go do that, then get ready for work. Thank you, everyone, for reading anything, even if it is just my title.

I’ll be back!

3 responses to “Thank you.”

  1. I’m glad I made you feel that way! Yes, I am reading this! And thank you! You are a great writer and good luck with your book!:)

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