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So, I have highlights now. I like them. Blond almost all over. When I first moved here, I used to get blond highlights all the time, about every year. I feel like I used to again. It’s fun!

So school has started again, that’s where I am right now. It feels like it never stopped. I don’t know what to think of it, Haha.

With these highlights I feel new, changed, different. I really like it. I’m going to change, I swear it. I’m too lazy, I need to change. I need to take care of myself. I’m excited about it. I really am. I ha e decided to focus on; school, writing, drawing, and myself. Its all about me.

I have my favorite class is next – Creative Writing. Ill talk more later.

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Thank you.

I’m waiting for the week to be over. I want it to end, or go by fast. Please! I am brimming with excitement, I can’t wait for Friday, my payday. I will be getting a big paycheck and I am going to spend most of it on my new companion. A Ball python or a Blood python. I am not quite sure which! They are so beautiful and amazing, am I weird for thinking this way?

Well, today I just read a comment from someone who is a well written writer. She commented on my page – Inspiration. I am so happy that I read it too! It made my day, I feel amazing just because of that and now, more than ever, I want to write! I felt like my writing reached no one, and that no one is like me – a girl who looks at any written thing and can find someone amazing, a girl who loves words and the written language, a girl who gets inspiration from writing. I still don’t know if anyone is like me, but I don’t care really, okay maybe a little. Anyway, Anna, if you read this then I am even more happy. Thank you so much, I couldn’t appreciate your comment any less than I appreciate life and all living things – that is a lot of appreciation. Haha, but seriously. Lately it has been kind of dreary for me, and I didn’t feel like writing at all, but thanks to you, I feel much more happy and free or painful shackles. I don’t know how to say everything I am thinking about but I am really grateful. I haven’t been in a great mood like this, that made me want to write, since a long time. I really am thankful. Now I can honestly say I want to write more. Thank you so much.


Well, I am super duper excited! I work all week; 4 PM to close(8 PM). Monday through Friday, Saturday – 9 AM to close(3:30 PM). I am going to get a hefty check, yay. I can’t wait for Friday! I’ll have to feed my snake every Sunday. And every Monday is laundry, maybe Wednesday too. I also have to find a name first. Um, I’ll figure that out later. So I have decided that I will post a chapter a day of my story – December Never Ends. It’s on a couple of other places but, I will keep it here. Now, I have to go do that, then get ready for work. Thank you, everyone, for reading anything, even if it is just my title.

I’ll be back!

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Love; a painful, mesmerizing word.
Given and or taken, either way
it is absurd.
Those feelings always fade away.
What, who, why do I love?
What does it mean?
Why must there be push and shove?
Love isn’t so keen.
For now I am walking through a haze,
full of saddened, broken and confused thoughts.
My mind is a precarious maze,
with ideas that give off gunshots.
Can I take this pain 
and throw it all away?
Let it flow down the water main
and eventually decay.
can I discard these feelings?
Why must I succumb to all of this?
I can’t quit my dealings,
why can’t I think of your kiss…
The kiss with your soft lips,
pressed against mine ever so soft,
I begin to fall as my pain just drips.
But because of you, I’m set aloft.
Floating in the air, 
soaring the misleading wind
Waiting as my heart beats a tear,
My love becomes a treacherous whirlwind.
Remembering those nights,
when I moaned your sweet name,
a kiss breathed upon me without the lights.
My heart was never near tame.
Oh do I wish I could dream
our bodies combined again.
but you’ve swam upstream, 
the dreams will stop, when?
You were my home,
with your arms wrapped around me.
Now I’m left here to roam.
Always feeling weary. 
Saying goodbye to a year,
It’s all to soon.
I can’t help but fear,
What will rise with the new moon.
All the emotions mix,
Making me feel so sick.
Feelings cold as onyx,
it’s only time before I tick.
I’m floating on dark clouds,
A storm soon to rumble in.
Even with the crowds,
The worst pain will soon begin.
I dream of the dark
where I fall in deep and cannot breathe.
Where one tiny spark,
will make my blood seethe.
I shared everything, all of it.
The good and the bad.
The new experiences even fit,
this break up makes me mad.
My tears have run dry,
maybe that’s a sign,
but I’m sure I can cry…
When I walk back on that line.
Thinking of you,
thinking of us.
Time was so few,
I know it wasn’t lust.
Do I still have the right to say,
how much I love you…
To this day?
What do I do?
Everything is mixed up,
my feelings for you, or him.
The feelings they should give up.
My future is looking grim…