Right now.

Right now, 
a moment in time
speaking now, or listening.
Thinking or random
indifferent thoughts.
Reading reasonable things;
texts, posts, pages, sites.
All part of my master plan
named Procrastination. 
Yes, procrastination is always my
“right now”
it’s pretty nice. Like now,
I am trying not to stop.
Stop the typing,
Just keep writing.
Beat the live preview.
I want to feel awesome.
Is something
wrong with me?
No, I am just initiating my
Master plan.
Well don’t we all have that plan.
it’s fun.
But now it’s time for it to end.
that is my random poem.
Now I shall laugh at the
feeling of it.


What do you think? I just came up with that, and it is completely random. I am listening to FFDP Pandora radio and typing, again procrastination. I don’t want to do anything really. Aha. Well I have to go I guess. >.< 

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